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Writer, vocalist. Originally had a little story to tell. Over a hundred chapters later, still going strong.

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    Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between, I have an announcement to make.


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  • 11 weeks
    A hard decision.

    So I've been noticing something a lot lately. I haven't been making much major progress with chapters. I've gotten them out, yes, and they've been satisfactory. I actually really love what's come out, even with my slowed pace.
    But I'm hitting a lot of walls lately. I get half a sentence in at most on some days, and I second-guess even that much every single time.

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    I made Bolt into a card!

    I went onto mtgcardsmith for the first time today and turned Bolt into a card! I used the cover art for One Bolt Moving Forward, as I think that's when he's looked his absolute most heroic. What do you think? Of course, I made sure to include Hoodwinked MCShelster's name as the illustrator. It's only fair that I do so.

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    Wanna ask Bolt stuff?

    Well, I haven't gotten much activity on them as of late, but I wanted to remind everyone that Bolt has some blogs that you might be interested in! In fact, he's gone up from one to two!
    Here's the first one, on a bit of a lesser-known gem of a site: https://ask.fm/living_lightning_bolt

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    Merry Happy and All That Jazz!

    I mean, the title says it all. From those who read my work to those who came to follow me out of sheer friendship, to everyone out there regardless of who you are, I wish you the best holiday possible! Doesn't matter if it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Hearth's Warming, Festivus, any of it. I hope you have the best one possible!

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A... Minor delay. · 12:59am May 11th, 2019

Just letting you know that I never stopped writing, and there's gonna be a bit of delay on this chapter.
Things in my life are a little bit hectic right now, but I still manage to do at least something every single day. But it's going so slowly that I've decided to put the chapter I've been working on, "A Spark of Hope" on the back burner until I can pick up steam. I've started up with one of my more recent ideas, so there's definitely still something coming. It's just gonna take a while before it comes out.
Again, I'm still here. I still exist. And I still haven't gone a day without writing since Christmas Eve of 2017. I just move a little slower now.
The next chapter is gonna be a good one. I promise!

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Comments ( 2 )

Considering the output you've had, I think a little break here and there is completely reasonable. Not to mention the circumstances you're dealing with.

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