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Of Driving and Audio Books · 3:23pm Mar 14th, 2019

As everyone in my life knows by now, I hate driving.

It is either A) boring or B) stressful. But due to financial weirdness, it is cheaper for me to drive to and from college EVERY DAY instead of living in a dorm, so I have roughly two hours every day where I'm zipping back and forth and I'm getting a little tired of my music. I also happen to need to be reading fics and stuff for the League of Sweetie Belles.

So this is where you people can help me! Suggest me audiobook versions of fics, people who read lots of fics, that sort of thing. Preferably stuff that's quality and real good. I need my pony related stuff in auditory form since I'm just burning two hours doing nothing every day.

Help alleviate the suffering of driving. Bring me boooooooks. Or audio plays or stuff. I'll accept anything, but preferably stuff that might be used in LSB would be great.

(Currently on my 'read list' is Sweetie Belle and the Tablet of Knowledge, so if that exists that'd be niiiice)

-GM, master of audio~!

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Comments ( 11 )

Wish I knew something. Dang. It really do be like that sometimes.

Don't know if she's done any readings of stories on your lists, but I know The Lost Narrator does a ton of fic readings. You'll likely be able to find your way to similar channels from hers.

Don't know much about fics, but my go-to for long drives is Big Finish Audio. They mostly publish Doctor Who stuff, full-cast audio plays which are usually done by the original actors. I feel you might particularly enjoy the early Eighth Doctor range, specifically the Divergent Universe Arc.
But, yeah. There are a lot of good adventures, often involving strange temporal shenanigans. Several are available for free on Spotify, and I've also managed to borrow several through interlibarary loan. If you're at all interested, I can give you a list of specific titles and authors.

Three words, my friend: Black Library App.
If nothing else, I think Iron Horse: Everything's Better With Robots might be getting an audio-book reading.

Look into getting normal audio books as well. I love the Jurassic Park one, and it's on youtube.

Listen to the Podcast The Adventure Zone. From the start of its first ARC, Balance.

YouTube may be your best bet on any LSB stories list. Like Pony&Wolf Productions has some on his page and he good at reading them.
You can also just tip in what you want to listen to see if someone has did it. My or may not be there, but it doesn't hurt to look.

...I meant an audio version, I know where that one is, it's linked on the LSB page.

-GM, master of red things.

Most chapters of Arrow 18 have dramatic readings linked at the start of the chapter.

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