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Of Driving and Audio Books · 3:23pm Mar 14th, 2019

As everyone in my life knows by now, I hate driving.

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CRISIS: Equestria is going to finish! · 9:17pm Aug 9th, 2019

Today is an amazing day. For today, the League of Sweetie Belles has played a part in truly resurrecting a fic. I don't mean the LSB gave an ending for the story, oh no. Because the LSB ending was written for CRISIS: Equestria, the original author was inspired to finish the story. This is a TRUE resurrection, a greater success than I had ever hoped to see.

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Amber Ashes: A New Novel · 10:09pm Jul 22nd, 2019

There is a new story, an answer to the question "Who is...?"

TAmber Ashes
Six mares from extremely different worlds find themselves in a desolate expanse of sand. They will come together and discover that existence is much larger than any of them thought it was.
GMBlackjack · 99k words  ·  139  6 · 1.4k views

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CONTEST: Depth in Innocence · 4:27am February 2nd

A trend on this site (and fiction in general) that I’ve noticed is that people tend to seek the more nitty-gritty, the darker, the more “mature” types of art and expression; quite antithetical to the show that brought us all together. I myself am quite guilty of this more often than not, and I think perhaps it’s time to encourage a change.

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Viewing 1 - 4 of 4 results
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