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Freshly published story with which I plan to win a contest · 10:01pm May 1st

The contest is about delivering a punch in the confines of an E-rated story. So, for all of you who like to get punched in the face, I give you:

I’ll publish a new chapter every day until the story is finished.

EThe Ultimate Supreme Administrator
To be a High Administrator, that is my dream.
Bad Dragon · 3.8k words  ·  10  3 · 202 views

CONTEST: Depth in Innocence · 4:27am February 2nd

A trend on this site (and fiction in general) that I’ve noticed is that people tend to seek the more nitty-gritty, the darker, the more “mature” types of art and expression; quite antithetical to the show that brought us all together. I myself am quite guilty of this more often than not, and I think perhaps it’s time to encourage a change.

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Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 results
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