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CRISIS: Equestria is going to finish! · 9:17pm Aug 9th, 2019

Today is an amazing day. For today, the League of Sweetie Belles has played a part in truly resurrecting a fic. I don't mean the LSB gave an ending for the story, oh no. Because the LSB ending was written for CRISIS: Equestria, the original author was inspired to finish the story. This is a TRUE resurrection, a greater success than I had ever hoped to see.

Here, today, CRISIS: Equestria starts its ending. I can confirm it will finish. Those of you who want to see the ending as it was intended may take a gander now:

TCRISIS: Equestria
The Elements of Harmony find themselves transported to a world full of evil and darkness. On the journey home they make new friends, as well as new enemies in the form of evil counterparts to themselves.
GanonFLCL · 711k words  ·  116  5 · 1.6k views

-GM, master of CRISIS.

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