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Amber Ashes: A New Novel · 10:09pm Jul 22nd, 2019

There is a new story, an answer to the question "Who is...?"

TAmber Ashes
Six mares from extremely different worlds find themselves in a desolate expanse of sand. They will come together and discover that existence is much larger than any of them thought it was.
GMBlackjack · 99k words  ·  140  6 · 1.4k views

This is a very special story. It is a standalone book meant to be read with no knowledge of anything. It's not even really a crossover. But it accomplishes something very special: it is meant to serve as a simple introduction to the wacky multiverse of Songs of the Spheres. I was told, once, that Songs of the Spheres was just too large to get people into. So this book exists: a glimpse of the world on the other side, should you be interested in joining it at the end. Who knows if it will work?

I also just think it's a good story with some very different characters who are quite distant from the Mane Six we know and love. Let's see what happens, shall we?

For those of you who are aware of the "who is...?" stories, no, they are not required in the slightest to understand this story. Amber Ashes is written as a pure standalone, those stories are just bonus backstory.

-GM, master of books.

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