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Token Canadian blogpony for EQD and friendly soul. EQD Pre-Reader wrangler, if you have issues with them pm me here or reply to the email. :twilightsmile:

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    This is your final warning, Plem, go 'way

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Plum info he isn't to read · 9:21pm February 28th

This is your final warning, Plem, go 'way

Hello everyone who is not Plum! The wonderful and vivacious Midnight Dancer is getting hitched! But she needs her bestie Professor Plum to be at her wedding. Alas! distance has kept them apart. But no more! With your aid, we shall raise the money and send him to share in her happy day! Click here and go help them have a happy day. Please signal boost but hide it from the Plum, it's meant to be a surprise!

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Comments ( 6 )

Thanks for letting us know, Ferret! I demand pictures!

Author Interviewer

oh shit, this is the best blog :D

How to signal boost D:

Hey! You are still here!
The deed is done, thanks to PP’s boost.

The tags and name links kind of give it away.

Only if he clicks on the blog title.
Which he won't because he is a plum of integrity.

You need a ko-fi as well, I can't use anything credit card related

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