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And the sky opened up (new cover art for Alicorn Allergy Season) · 6:33pm Feb 21st, 2019

Nova Quill/Firimil took some time yesterday to channel the cosmic powers that be and create new art for AAS, or as she puts it "Justice3442 's muse ran away with mine to play and wouldn't give her back until it was done". She was very happy that I "liked" it.

Admire it below and heap praise on her for her work here.

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Awesome art

I think my favorite part is Sunset beginning to molt from the stress. Don't get me wrong, the whole thing's great, but it's the little details that really bring it all together.

Like I said on Derpi: that's a face that says she's seen some things.

Magnificent madness.

Must get around to readin' that, just not had the exact right time-slot yet...

Oh wow I didn't even notice that.

Stress molts for pegasi... file that with compulsive grooming for racially specific psych problems.

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