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Some info about "Human After All" · 8:09pm Apr 7th, 2018

Hey folks! First off, I wanted to say a genuine thank you to everyone who's been reading, faving, and leaving nice comments on my latest story. I see a few of you were even kind enough to read the monster original "Everything's Better With Robots!" It really makes me happy to see people enjoying my work, and I hope that "Human After All" is something you will enjoy! :twilightsmile: So, since it's been a week after the first chapter's publication, I thought I'd offer a bit of information about it as an FAQ.

Q. So... is this an April Fool's joke?
A. No. It's an anti-joke. :trollestia: By which I mean that it's real!

After "Better With Robots" had a joke chapter about an Equestria Girls crossover one April Fool's Day, I thought it might be fun to toy with people's expectations by releasing a real one this year. I was partly inspired to do it after Ross Scott, one of my favorite YouTubers, released the start of his sequel to "Freeman's Mind" on April 1st of last year with no prior notice. I was in a suspended state of wondering if it was a joke or the real thing until the next day, and it was frustrating but also kind of exciting! I wanted to share that same feeling with my readers.

I hope it was fun for you, but I apologize if you felt jerked around. I thought that the trailer stating "NOT an April Fool's joke!" was blatant enough, but I suppose you can't trust anything on April 1. :derpyderp1:

Q. How long will "Human After All" be?
A. It's little hard to be exact, but it won't be a long one. Probably a short novella-length story of about 4 or 5 chapters.

Q. Is this story canon to the "Iron Horse" universe?
A. Yep!

That said, you do not need to read it to enjoy any future works. It will be self-contained, much like how EQG has little to no effect on the mainline MLP universe but is still canon.

Q. When is the next chapter coming out? How often do you update?
A. Just like with "Better With Robots," I find a "once every two weeks" schedule to be ideal. It gives me time to write chapters and time for editing and illustration and it doesn't keep readers waiting too long. It's not a hard schedule either, so it might come out a few days before or after the two-week mark. Unless something comes up, probably never more than 3 weeks at the most.

Q. Will (insert character here) appear?
A. Spoilers, darling.

Q. Aw, come on!

Q. About when does this take place?
A. Well, first, note that "Better With Robots" takes place entirely within Season 5. As you can see in the first chapter of "Human," Starlight's presence and status as Twilight's student places the story in Season 6.

As to when it takes place with respect to EQG, it takes place after "Legend of Everfree," but before the summer specials and shorts and everything after that. In other words, the Human 7 have their geodes.

Q. Who is best human?
A. Sunset. Objectively.

Q. Why EQG instead of the other stuff you talked about doing?
A. Just a shift in interest. I still might do some of the other things on that list at some point, but I can only take on one project at a time.

Anyway, I think that covers the basics. Let me know if you have any other questions! Take care until next time, folks!

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Comments ( 10 )

Wanting to see Turing get a cell phone upgrade...

>2 weeks

>Not a long time to wait on a good story


Comment posted by Obsi deleted Apr 7th, 2018

Well, we already know she can be set to vibrate. :ajsmug:

Twilight and Turing are walking together, having a conversation.
Turing: Vvvvvv.
Twilight: Turing Test?
Turing: Just a moment, Twilight Sparkle... I am getting a call.

Alas for Twilight sometimes, there is no silent mode.

DitchfkctdhfydfudjftdvyfycuhdfmftwtqhddibonlgyxpjdRIVER! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, yeah, looking forward to the next chapter too.

Let's just hope that all the technology she'll bring back to Equestria won't be cause of hostilities with other nations that will eventually lead to a destructive conflict ending with all civilization wiped out by the flames of nuclear hellfire.
... horseapples, that would be one awesome crossover.

4835350 "I know you had a lot of fun in the other world," said Princess Twilight while walking alongside her mechanical friend. "But I'm just glad to have you back here again. We really missed talking with you."

"As I did too, Twilight Sparkle." Turing Test stopped on the path and dug into her saddlebag, producing a stack of photographs. "I brought many things back with me from the human world which I would like to discuss with you."

Twilight smiled and was about to respond when a strange 'Tweeee-Whonk' noise wafted through the spring air. She was still looking around for the source when she noticed Turing Test sitting very quietly with a small tick-tick-tick noise coming from her head.

"I am sorry, Twilight Sparkle. I am responding to a text from your counterpart, asking how my integrated cell phone is functioning. Did you want me to include any message from you?"

oh my god I got 3-4 chapters to read to finish Better with robots. I might write a review this week or next week, depending if i am not busy and won't forget. if I finish it tonight (which I would probab ly miss the last chapter and reading it tomorrow afternoon the very least. I will say this. I may need to listen to star wars music after this and maybe mlp remixes, possibly Daft Punk and/or DJ Hero 1-2 remixes as well. I just wish I had my old OC Bio still, I think it got deleted.

oh and before I forget, I had this wild idea and dream of your fic crossover with other fics I like, kinda like a SSBB story mode for some reason. all I remember is it had turing test and gadget. was an interesting night.

Relax, you've still got a week or so before the next "Human After All" chapter. No need to rush yourself too much, though I'm glad you're enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

Finished Reading the last 3 chapters at around 12:00 - 1:00 AM, didn't even noticed the time. my god the feels were too much, I even wrote some things for the last few chapters of "Everything's Better With Robots" I will say this again, I haven't cried like that from reading a story since finishing My Little Dashie By Robcakeran53 last year. seems like know how to get a guy like me to cry. only 2 things make me cry; pet or family member dies, or a dramatic scene. you did both. I praise you.

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