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I hope you folks appreciate what I'm doing here... · 3:47am Mar 20th, 2018

...'cause I've got like 5 pages left to edit, but I've been distracted by ponies arguing in Equosar.

That's my made up language, y'know.

Word replacement is hard... Tonight's troubles include, but are not limited to:
Contractions in Equosar? WTF!
Adjectivising verbs.
Consistency, consistancy, consestency!

Because, y'know, native speakers are going to have a lot more lingual complexity than newbies fresh off the interuniversal teleport pad.

(I imagine I'm Spike and you all are everypony else.)

Comments ( 10 )

I for one will be weighting for the new chapter's.

*twitches concerningly*

Oh, I remember this story. I remember it being pretty good.

*blinks out of sych*

There's an update growing close...

*unnatural squee sound is heard * :pinkiecrazy:


Glad to see your making progress. Sounds like it might be out over my spring break (hopefully). I might just end up rereading the entire fic over break.

I really do appreciate the effort in the language. You're one of the few authors i've seen try (although I don't read this genre to much)

I'm just happy to see updates from you to know that you are doing okay and still working on the story!

I have to say, I've read lots and lots of stories on this site. I just added up the number of stories in my "Like," "Favorites," and "Top Favorites" bookshelves, and the total is 516 stories. :rainbowderp: Most of those are long too. Out of all those, TLaP is one of my very favorites, and I think it is the one I have re-read the most. (Okay, maybe it's tied for re-reads with A Voice Among the Strangers.) You have done a fantastic job creating a story that has completely sucked me in. I think a big part of it for me is all the detail you put in that lets the reader really get inside the characters' heads. This is a story where I can really experience what the characters are going through, and I find I am much more attached to them then I ever get with most stories. I still remember the first time I read the last scene of chapter 10. Over the next couple weeks I kept finding myself being actively worried about Etherea! Each time I realized it I would have to remind myself that it was only a story. Even now, just thinking about this story again, I still get some of that feeling back. I really want to know what happens!

Aside from that, I love the potential of the setting you have created with this story. I can't think of many other good first contact type stories where MLP is actually a thing that exists in-universe. (If anyone is interested, a couple good ones that come to mind are Destinies and The Pony Who Lived Upstairs.) There's so much I want to see happen in this setting after the immediate crisis is resolved. Official first contact, the general public finding out, discovering more about past contact between Earth and Equestria, etc.

All this is my rambling way of saying thanks for the great story, and please keep going!

I, too, will be waiting. Specifically; re-reading this story so I can be sure that all the details are perfect in my head.

I'm glad you're getting close to being done with your editing. Sounds like us readers will need to get good at translating if we want to enjoy the drama. Nothing worse than having trouble in another land and not understanding the complaints.

Will keep an eye out for the update.

Dragon speak is very similar to formors language. (Formoronian) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fomorians hope this helps.


:pinkiehappy: We shall squee together!


I've read two of those three. Loved them! Well, I would have ended The Pony Upstairs differently, but, y'know... That's just me. :raritywink: I'm glad that my story is doing the exact kind of worldbuilding I strive to include! There's a whole world around Equestria, and it should feel big!

I suspect this next chapter will only fuel those feelings...


It shouldn't be strictly necessary, because you're meant to miss some things when Alex does. However, I try to keep those things minor, and yet roughly understandable via context. Nothing's more annoying than not "getting" a story, and a quick way to cause that is by too much foreign stuff for the audience.


Not at all. Draconic is more like sprinkling some Orcish on top of a bed made of Entish. It's long, winding, and has a natural smooth rising and falling cadence. This is blended with complicated consonant play, and well-timed stops and stutters. It's harsh but strangely melodic.


If Destinies is the one you haven't read, I recommend it! I'd say it actually has quite a bit in common with your story. Well, except for the romance. I mean in the "worlds colliding" sense. It has a sequel in progress too.

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