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Worldbuilding Contest RESULTS · 9:20pm Mar 4th, 2018


I would like to thank you all, firstly, for your patience with me. It's been a tempestuous quarter year!

We had really strong entries and because of this little contest I got to read some really awesome stories. I'd like to thank those of you who contributed, and also introduce to those of you who didn't, my new group: The Mythopoeic Society.

Beside the cash prizes, which were I admit mild, there was an interesting opportunity here. I offered books to the winners, or rather the opportunity to recieve books I chose from my personal library based on what I knew of them and what I had. When those have all been shipped, I will probably be writing a blog about what I chose and why.

Without further ado, our top three are.....

In third place is FEATHERS by Flutterpriest

Flutterpriest is an cool dude and doesn't afraid of anything. More germanely, he is a writer with serious skill who is able to not take himself seriously and that is a rare but wonderful combination. While many people know Priest for his comedy, which I enjoy, it's his more serious stuff that's made a fan of me. The creeping sense of dread that he experimented with in stories like Parent's Night Out is in full force here, with one judge describing it as being reminiscent of Junji Ito.

Flutterpriest will be getting $10 or a book picked by me from my personal library with a note.

In second, FROM THE HEARTH by Carapace

If you haven't read Carapace's Respite, then you are really missing out. The world that Carapace has created in that story and again in this one is delightfully fleshed out and feels organic and alive. A Village Called Respite is perhaps one of the best ponyfics I've ever read for that reason, and any chance I have to peek into the worlds that Cara makes is one I eagerly take.

Carapace will be getting $15 and a book from my own library complete with a note.

... and finally.... QUEEN OF CLUBS by Horizon, in first place!

Horizon is one of my favorite writers on this site, and I was floored when he submitted something. Few people to have graced FimFic can write in the densely literate way that Horizon can and never lose their appeal across such a vast demographic. Horizon manages to hit both the kind of reader who likes Infinite Jest and the kind who hasn't cracked a physical book since high school, and he does so simultaneously. This is one of his better stories, and I'm honored that he submitted in this contest. The judges unanimously agreed on this entry, and if you click the link above, you can see what we liked so much!

Horizon will be getting two books from my personal library and $25!

Thanks to all 9 people who submitted a story, and please read all of the ones in the folder! Leave the contestants comments and enjoy some of the best worldbuilding you'll get in ponyfic today.

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Comments ( 9 )

Wahey, I didn't think I'd place! Congrats to Horizon and Priest, and to everyone else who participated ^^

OMG third. It was some serious competition. I'm honored with my ranking. Thank you!

Glad the contest went so well and congrats to the winners!

:twilightsmile: Congratulations to the winn—

... uh, the other winners! :twilightblush:

Wow, my ears are burning with all that flattery right now. I'm honored, and glad you all enjoyed the story so much; it's really hard for me to look at it and see anything but the flaws I ironed out of the first draft (and Loveless, who is admittedly cool), so this feels like some real validation for the long and uncertain revision process it went through.

I'll be extremely curious to see which books I get out of this!

Author Interviewer

ohdang! :O I just read an entry from this today for a thing I'm doing, but I'd be interested in the entry list anyway. All in that group?

Mhm! All in a folder in the group

Author Interviewer

Congrats, guys, you've earned this. Be proud.

Thank's for hosting this, Cyne. Even though my admittedly mediocre entry didn't place I still had fun writing it. Also as an obligatory mention I have to point out that, at least in my timezone, that you posted this blog at exactly 4:20.

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