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    Project: Sunflower book arrivals

    Post pictures/videos of your book arrivals here! Ereader pics are also welcome! For images, you can use imgbox, imgur or some other online image hosting service.

    I'll start... with my pony book collection!

    Now it's your turn!

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    Discord server

    I run a Discord server dedicated to book and ebook design, production and printing. Click the image to join:

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    Project: Sunflower book

    I've launched the printing project of the fic Project: Sunflower by Hoopy McGee. You can read more about it in my Project Harmonics forum post. :twilightsmile:

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    Fallout: Equestria 3rd print

    I recently recieved my copy of the FoE 3rd print, and this is the most beautiful book I have ever seen! It's truly a work of art. It's even more special to me since I helped with some of the formatting of it.

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Project: Sunflower book arrivals · 8:26pm Dec 10th, 2017

Post pictures/videos of your book arrivals here! Ereader pics are also welcome! For images, you can use imgbox, imgur or some other online image hosting service.

I'll start... with my pony book collection!

Now it's your turn!

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Först! :pinkiehappy: (The advantage of living in the same country.)

My collection

Time to move to a bigger shelf

Book and Book Horse

The friendly postman just delivered this marvelous thing, and I have all I ever wanted for christmas now!


I only have two pony worded hard copies so far:
Although coming soon (hopefully) I hope to get: camo.derpicdn.net/b8a22add707a065edd3339cc9083717880bd9fc3?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia.discordapp.net%2Fattachments%2F309979210997301249%2F384798821315772416%2Fimage.jpg Ordered these during the lulu sale djazz mentionened couple weeks ago, got delayed a week so, I should see them on monday. Left UTAAN out for now. Also ordered The Luna Cypher and: camo.derpicdn.net/efb18024a13316a7341d97f2d94f996d505ed62a?url=http%3A%2F%2Fi67.tinypic.com%2F258sbj5.jpg
I think myself crazy for ordering so many books at once, so I can only wonder what any of you could think.

How it feels to chew five g.... I mean, what it's like to get a package in mail!


Don't have other ponyfic books in physical form, so have this one together with the marker-picture I did some time back. ;)

Best confused new-pone.


It just came in the mail today! I am so happy I can finally add this one my collection.:pinkiehappy:

I need to by me more Pony Books

My book arrived yesterday (December 15th)! It's been ages since I tried to insert an image into forum, let's see if I can figure it out...

farm5.staticflickr.com/4687/38389030094_6f543d5b51.jpg SmolHossFiction by Blue Frith, on Flickr

Oh well, neither the Flickr BBcode nor the "insert image function" actually inserts an image. 8^/ Bummer. I'll go post more pictures at frith.dreamwidth.org/

Mine showed up JUST as I was sitting down at the comp after getting home from work... YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

My two copies arrived, and were joined by Bookhorse


She is well dressed for the season up here in Canada.

Ah finally arrived, and just in time before holidays...
Princess in her natural habitat being stalked by a predator

Here are the images that I said I'd post a week ago.
Since I don't have plushies, here's a digital vs physical comparison.

Forgot to snap any pics on mine, (:twilightblush:) but thought I'd drop by and say both books arrived nice and safe.

I received mine a few days ago, but finally got some time to take proper pictures.

First off, splendid packing job!
It would seem the postal service tried to get at it, but was rebuffed.

Beyond that, it's joined my shelves (still trying to expand the collection - some of you who've shared got me wanting):

Now to find some time to actually be able to sit down and read it...

Thanks to everyone who made it possible!
While I may often not have the aforementioned time, I know when I get it I'll have a book ready and waiting.

Sorry for delay with post. Got mine almost three weeks ago. Really liked it! There is my collection:
Many thanks for your work on this project!

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