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Photo of test print

STATUS: Reserve list is CLOSED.
Book arrivals!

Link to story:

Hello! I've been working on preparing Project: Sunflower for print for the last couple of months, with Hoopy's approval of course. You can contact me here on Fimfiction, on Discord (see below for invite) or email

Details about the book

No images inside the book, no author's notes and no bonus parody chapter (to keep page count and cost down)
Table of contents is included
Hard cover with full color matte cover (based on the artwork by bakki), no dust jacket
PUR adhevise bound book, not sewn
Book block width and height (trim size): 220x150 mm (8.66x5.91") which is quite close to A5
Current page count estimate is about 530 pages
Weight: 930 g (2 lb)
Books will be printed in Sweden at a local printing company
An ebook edition in EPUB format will be released along with the book (free!)
Book is typeset using LaTeX and the novel package

PDF preview

Book test print preview

I am going to use Stripe and Blinksale invoices for taking payment (same as what FoE Print Project use), supporting VISA and Mastercard. Payson will be used for some Scandinavians.

You can join my Discord server about books and ebooks if you have any questions or want to keep up to date with the print project.

I'm pretty new to book design, but I've been working with the FoE Print Project to make the ebook of Fallout: Equestria - Pink Eyes and I helped out with the formatting of the 3rd print of Fallout: Equestria.

Um... does Hoopy know about this?

Of course, Hoopy have approved of this :)

I thought as much, just being paranoid I suppose.

Oh sweet! Sign me up!

edit: I only have an email account. Uhh... i mean i also have a gmail buuuut... yeah, i don't like using that much.

I signed up. I put myself down for one copy, but depending on the final cost I might go for two. Of course, if the cost to ship to my country is exorbitant, I might end up passing on this.

If Hoopy approves it, then I'm in. That being said, I want to hear it from her.

Also, is there a sample of the page format available? Anyone can upload a text file to Lulu and get a printing, but it takes a lot of time and effort to make a true treasure.

I got a greenlight from Hoopy in May, but I haven't heard from him since mid June.
Here is a screenshot of the pdf:
I will not use Lulu, but use a local printing company.

Will it be possible to pay with SEPA?

Most likely no. I think that would require me to start a company and bank account.
I would have to set up a new bank account only, so I'd need to visit the bank about that. I want to go with Payson for as many as possible for starters.

Added more details to the main post! :twilightsmile:

Payson's FAQ is only available in swedish...

Aww. If you have any questions about Payson that aren't answered on the site, you could ask me and I'll try answer.
You can read the general terms though:
Keep in mind, you do not have to verify yourself on Payson to pay the invoice that you will receive later after sign-ups. Only an account is required (full name and email) on Payson to be able to pay.
The invoice will be in the currency EUR, or SEK if you're from Sweden.

The interest gauge form has been closed! I will soon send an email to those who signed it with an update. Thanks for your support!

You can read the update here, and subscribe for more updates:

A quick update: I've sent in the pdf for a test print. I hope to get it next week. :twilightsmile:

Picked up the test print today! I have updated the main post with some pictures of it. You can see more pictures of the book here:

I will launch the sign-up soon. Stay tuned!

Sign ups are open! Here's the order form:
Sign up closes on November 6th.

I signed up but I don’t think I can make the payment options work. I live in the U.S. and I don’t know if I want to have a site have direct access to my bank account.

Comment posted by FancyPhoenix deleted Oct 16th, 2017

If you're interested more in the web services I use to recieve payment, read Blinksale's Privacy Policy and Stripe's Privacy Policy. Contact me at if you want use another payment solution or cancel your order, contact me (as soon as possible, please!)

Why?! You do not need an account to pay me! Delete it at once! It's only free for 15 days.

The sign up is now closed! Thank you everyone who signed up! :)

Oh wow, missed it by mere days. This makes me terribly sad... but hopeful that if it is successful there might be a second printing someday. This is one of my favourite stories ever. :)

Best wishes. I'm so glad to see that this story will go to book form. It deserves it.

You're not too late, you can sign up on the reserve list. See the first post! :)

EEEEEEEEE signed up. :) Here's hoping.

All book orders have now been shipped! Yay!
I start to process the reserve list in January.

Late update: The reserve list is still open, got a few copies left. If you didn't get it during the main sign up, you still have a chance to get it with the reserve.

I had no clue this was a thing. I would have thought it would have been shouted all over merlos's Skype group.

... $40 cost and $35 shipping?!
115 SEK converts to $14.07 USD. You have me confused.

Hey! I still have some books left for the reserve. I still have to send out some invoices to late reserve orders, but there are more books than orders atm.
The shipping price was calculated for 2 kg international shipping, which is 260 SEK (31 usd) on average. The book itself is very close to 1 kg, so the whole package weight is above 1 kg and it needs 2 kg shipping. The extra cost above that is for packaging materials (box, bubblewrap, labels)

I'm really sad I didn't get this when I had the chance. I loved this story, read it several times here.

If you haven’t already, join the discord and stay tuned for updates on the second edition print, and other fanfic printings :)

Is Hoopy still okay?

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