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About the next chapter... · 4:25pm Nov 7th, 2017

So... you ever come up for an idea for a chapter that seemed like a good idea, then spend ages writing it only to realize that:

1) The main conflict isn't enough for a full length chapter so you've run out of material after only 2k words, and you can't stretch that conflict out without make the dialogue incredibly repetitive or making characters hold the idiot ball.

2) It makes no sense for this particular character to have this particular problem in the first place.

3) It probably isn't a good idea to write an entire chapter about character drama when you just posted a chapter with a great deal of character drama in what's supposed to be a slice of life comedy.

Well, that kind of happened to me.

So yeah, I'm having problems again. Which is especially annoying because the chapter I have planned after this one is the one I've been looking forward to writing for years now.

That said, I'm am still working on it. Hopefully I'll come up with something new soon.

Comments ( 6 )

sounds like you're trapped in the Logical Doldrums! :twistnerd:

Use what you've written as a dream sequence, with characters holding the idiot ball extra-hard.

Ah, sorry about that; good luck.

What's preventing you moving straight onto the next chapter; the one you've been looking forward to writing?


Several reasons, but the big one is that there are some loose ends I need to wrap up first, like Thorax leaving town.

Just have Thorax suffer a fatal heart attack, then fall off a cliff, then explode, then explode again. :twilightangry2:

Problem solved! :twilightsmile:

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