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Yes! Yes! YES!!! · 4:06pm Oct 28th, 2017

Bwhahaha! I can taste the salty tears of butt-hurt and hear the murmur of lamentations over crushed head-canons already, and it is glorious! :trollestia:

Heck, I haven't even seen Shadow Play, yet, but considering that I due to a leaked screen-cap I stumbled onto know it makes Equestria Girls 100% canon, I just know the drama is going to make Twilight's ascension look like a storm in a tea-cup! :twistnerd:

...Hmm, although, I should perhaps add this much.

You may want to track down today's episode NOW. It's going to be spoiled to heck and back soon-ish due to controversy.

Now, with the good deed of the day out of the way...

[Goes and makes pop-corn while wearing my good helmet and cackling madly.]

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Okay, shutting myself in my drama bunker and playing Hollow Knight for the foreseeable future.

Well i actually liked it.
Crushed head-canons usually just make room for new ideas, i don't see a problem with an alternative universe tag for stories and so on.
I like that they evolve the lore of the show, this one in particular was pretty interesting and will probably inspire quite a few people.

Maybe i just like it that much because it at least partly goes along with my own head-canon that there were previous incarnations of the elements, that the elements after being touched by luna and celestia more or less started to learn about their surroundings and eventually evolved from magical tools to something else and eventually their essence started to connect with ponies.
Previous incarnations never managed to completely find each other but the current ones did, Celestia probably had something to do with it, especially since she seemed to have orchestrated the whole ascension thing afterward probably to make sure that their bond really makes their current incarnations immortal in a form of agelessness.

Anyway, i was also ok with things that crushed my head-canons before, so i guess its not just that.
Deeper pony universe lore is always nice.

Good luck on a few spots and getting all the dlc stuff!

it makes Equestria Girls 100% canon

I cannot imagine anyone really caring at this point. EQG hasn't really been a point of contention for... 2 years or so?

I disagree. Sure, the sirens are banished from Equestria, but who's to say Equestria doesn't have its own sirens? It was never shown where they were banished to.

It is strong evidence that EqG is canon, but it's very far from being 100% proof.

Note to self: Starswirl now has a team.

Fic is back on track. Just need to figure out some alternate forms.

While I don't disbelieve that drama is coming, as some will create drama from a verbal description of a molehill, I don't think that this trashes any of the fanon. Some personal headcanons perhaps; but then there are personal head-canons that Rainbow Dash is Princess Celestia's love-child by Pinkie's father. Are there specific examples that you feel these episodes quash?

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