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    Tonight's game stream, and a question...

    ... tonight's going to be the last stream on the current Pony Stuff Mod Pacifist Run save.

    I'd intended to fast-forward to the end-game crisis, when some outside threat (or revived fallen empire) threatens to exterminate all life in the galaxy. But I didn't get that far...

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    Quick notes on MAV / Mars Direct surface refueling...

    So, in The Martian (and The Maretian) the Mars Ascent Vehicle manufactures its own fuel for taking off from the Martian surface very slowly, using a radioisotope thermal generator and stored hydrogen plus compressed Martian atmosphere to cook up methane and oxygen.

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    Quick note on the Martian...

    ... no, not announcing a new print edition (though I have been idly thinking about it... I'd have to get permission to re-use the artwork from the hardbacks or else commission new work, though).

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    Stellaris Stream pt. 2 on YouTube, fic reading stream tonight.

    Stellaris pt. 2, Pony Stuff mod, from two weeks ago now up on YouTube:


    Tonight at 7 PM I resume reading aloud "Blueblood, Hero of Equestria." (I'm going to re-record the previous part today long before the stream.)


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    Edited Stellaris stream up on YouTube.


    And the OP is just barely started, really.

    Sat 9-12-2020, 7 PM, I return to Equestria at War to play as Equestria, and every time I'm given a multiple-choice popup I'll let viewers decide what to do. Stellaris streaming resumes Monday. I will post a video of the Thorax Changeling Civil War attempts, when I get round to them.

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Time to edit the *yay* out of this. · 5:22pm Jul 13th, 2017

New Changeling Space Program chapter completed.

Current draft: 25,508 words.

I will spend my non-sales time this weekend at my booth at Delta H Con editing, getting viewpoints more consistent, punching up descriptions, and definitely looking for deadwood to trim.

But I don't anticipate finding much.

And once I complete this final pass, the thing will get posted.

I came very close four or five times to splitting this in two, but... well, to me each chapter isn't so much a chapter anymore as it is a sort of novella, almost a stand-alone story in its own right. And splitting this one apart felt wrong, profoundly so.

So congratulations, here comes another mega-brick of a chapter in just a few more days.

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Comments ( 7 )

I am both excited and intimidated! :D

Twenty five thousand words. Talk about an anvil.

That's no chapter, that's a heavy bludgeoning implement.

All of the yay!:yay:

I thought from your rant about the Changeling episode that you had abandoned this story because you now hated Changelings.


No. There were things I liked and hated about the last season finale (particularly that Chryssy's plan made no sense, and reformed changelings look awful, but the hive looked awesome), and that had that episode come out before CSP, I probably would never have written it because the ep makes the setup for the story impossible. But with the story begun, I don't intend to abandon it.

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