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On Programs and Ponies · 2:50am Jul 7th, 2017

I've been radio silent about PONY Legacy for a little over two years now(!), so folks would be forgiven for thinking the story had been abandoned completely. In reality, it turns out that I'm simply one of those people who shouldn't announce their goals publicly, because doing so gives me juuust enough satisfaction to not complete them. As soon as my last blog went up, promising people that the story wasn't dead and that I'd written several more chapters, I lost all drive and interest in working on it, and let myself be consumed by other projects, feeling guilty the whole time.

So in the last month or so, when I dusted off my old Google Docs folder and got back to work, I didn't post about it, didn't tell anyone. I didn't even mention it to my wife at first. Once I got within shouting distance of the finish line, I told a few close friends -- who I knew would ride me until I actually did it.

And I did. The first draft of PONY Legacy -- its entirety, not just the next chapter -- is done. At the moment, it clocks in at about 44,000 words, though I suspect edits are more likely to be additive than subtractive, so it might end up a little longer.

I'm now going to let it marinate a little, while I look for prereaders and do additional passes, and when it's finalized, I'll post the remaining chapters on a regular schedule (the existing chapters will also be getting an update, so maybe don't run to re-read them in anticipation just yet). Once chapter 5 is published, you'll know the rest is coming. I've already done a little housecleaning, refreshing the story's cover art and descriptions.

If anyone out there still cares about PONY Legacy, take heart -- you'll be reading it in its entirety soon.

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Others keep saying this i awesome. I havnt read it yet

I remember this from a long time ago. I enjoyed it, and then it disappeared. Looking forward to seeing it return.

And I know that feeling; I went and completely wrote my current longfic project before publishing it in regular intervals, and I have to say that I appreciate that method much more. It gives you a chance to go back and change things, something you can't really do when you're just posting chapters basically as you finish them.

Site Blogger

Go ahead and wait, now!


long time ago

I started writing it during the Season 1 hiatus. :twilightoops:

It gives you a chance to go back and change things, something you can't really do when you're just posting chapters basically as you finish them.

This is a key thing. Maybe some authors can nail their early chapters from the get-go and never need to change anything, but that sure can be limiting down the road. Hopefully I've waited so long people will want to re-read the first chapters anyway.


You slated for AFTER the Austreoh series

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So I'll pencil you in for sometime around, oh, 2024... got it.


I can read faster than that silly author

*shakes author* What took ya?!


Haha sweet! Good thing you help us break statistics!

I remember that one. Feels like it's been longer than two years.

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Full-time work and school!


It's been two years since I last posted about working on it. The story itself hasn't updated in over four. :twilightblush:

4 years. That explains it, and why memories of Legacy are so fuzzy now. Attempts to reference it somehow in a mega fic continue in any case.

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It's a mix of "thank god it's done" and "oh god it's crap" :raritydespair:

Hey, it disappearing forever is just like the time between Tron 1 & 2 if you think about it

Sudden hype! :pinkiehappy:

Hey. :rainbowhuh:
I remember you! :pinkiegasp:
Hi. :moustache:

It'll be nice to take a story off of my Hiatus list and put it into Finished rather than Cancelled/Abandoned.

Heh seems that so many of us had this kind of issue with motivation eh? Good on ya m8 :3

Site Blogger

You know, I just recently said to someone that it'll only be another 21 years til the next TRON sequel. Something to look forward to!

Hello! :pinkiehappy:

I am happy to not be one of those statistics.

My secret is to use guilt over not wanting to work on a current, more important project to motivate work on an older, less-important project. I finished PONY Legacy instead of doing schoolwork! :rainbowwild:

lol <3 Time to get my ass in gear then XD

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