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В Пра́вде нет изве́стий, а в Изве́стиях нет пра́вды · 9:30pm May 16th, 2017

Exciting development for Russian readers – GreenWater and the Dark Room Collaboration have just published a translation of Breaking News and Weather. Quite a formidable task—a big thank you to all involved for the effort.

Свежие новости и прогноз погоды

Sadly I do not speak Russian, so I can’t appreciate how my jokes were rendered into the language of Chekhov. But they’ve certainly done a neat job lining up all those Cyrillic characters into columns (I appreciate how much time that can take).

And in this era of Fake News, it’s good to see this story get some more global exposure.

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That's a pretty formidable task. Certainly a deserving story though. :twilightsmile:

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