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Biker Dash and Spitfire's Thunder Visit the Range · 1:30am Apr 30th, 2017

Went to the range today to get my rifle sighted in.
She ain't the prettiest of rifles, but she is mine, and she'll put deer burger in my freezer.
She is a Remington 7400 carbine in .308 Winchester.

Mares and gentlecolts, I introduce to you, Spitfire's Thunder

Of course, going to the range means I need targets...

Was an enjoyable time at the range. Found I could really use a bipod, as well as a better scope. Longer eye relief for the scope would be nice, and the bipod will help me keep the rifle MUCH more steady. Still, I did pretty decent for someone who has not been to the range in years.

Unfortunately, the time at the range was not all roses and sunshine. I found myself having some failures to feed. I suspect that it was due to the fact that the rifle should have been cleaned before, because I had not cleaned it since I bought it in early December. I guess the gun oil had started to congeal. Next time, I shall have Spits properly clean.

The other thing that happened at the range is that my chamber flag broke.

The purpose of a chamber flag is to sit inside the chamber with the rifle's bolt resting on the back end. It has a long section that fits inside the rifle's chamber, and a thicker piece that sticks out the ejection port. With one of these inserted, any Range Safety Officer can plainly see that there is no way that a round can be chambered in the rifle, and therefore, the rifle has been rendered safe. While not needed, it is a safety item I prefer to have on hand, so others can visually know that the rifle has no ammunition in the chamber.

So, since mine broke, and since I have never been able to find one for sale anywhere, it was time for me to make one. Again.
Time to gather supplies to do this.

An empty case. Four flat angle brackets. two #10 5/8" machine screws and acorn nuts. One #10 1 1/4" wood screw. And two strips of thick vinyl.

First thing to do is drill out the primer from the case. once that is done, and you have the hole the needed size, you can bolt everything together. The two pieces of black vinyl are there to protect the ejection port and the bolt face from getting marred by the steel bracket pieces or the screw head.
All in all, looks redneck as all hell, but as you can see in the last two images, it does the job perfectly.

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Nice work. I was under the impression, though, that the yellow plastic flags were as common as dirt?

Nice to hear from you again. It feels like ages. :duck:

4514150 The only ones I have seen are the ones that come with (some) new rifles, and those are almost always thrown away.

4514172 It has been a while lol

Sounds like you had a good time, though. :twilightsmile:

We should get together sometime and just go shooting

4514254 You know where the Summerville Range is?


Looks good, although you might want to paint the protruding part safety orange or something to make it more obvious since metal-on-metal isn't something you are guaranteed to see at first glance from a distance.

4514308 That is an excellent idea


4514338 I'm glad I was able to help, especially considering this is a safety device because you really don't want to mess around where safety is concerned.

It may look redneck as all get-out but it works and that is what matters. Glad you had a fun time though.


Looking for it, what town is it in?


The official info I have is one called the 'Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club' in that area, unless its a privately owned range?

Anywho regardless that's barely an hour out give or take for me (I live in Union)

I stand corrected. The name is Summerhaven.
Its near there, but maybe a half mile up the road further, and you will see Summerhaven Road.
Go up that road maybe 1/4 mile, then turn left onto Sanford Road. Once you go past Pike Industries on your right, watch for it on your left.


*Looks it all up on the map* 53 minutes

Worth it

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