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Biker Dash Reviews... FamousLastWords! · 1:35am Oct 7th, 2017

As today is the birthday of FamousLastWords, who happens to be an outstanding writer, I have decided that I shall review some of his works.

WARNING: There be spoilers for the stories in this review. If you have not read these stories, go do so now! Seriously, go read them! You’ll love them!

Lets start off with one that I really enjoyed… Well, that could be any of his works. Every story of his that I’ve read I’ve enjoyed. :twilightsheepish:

In this story, we find everyone favorite Alpha+ class cutie marxist unicorn wandering the halls of the Château de l'amitié trying not to get lost on her way to breakfast. She finally makes it to said diningroom where Spike has set up a bountiful breakfast which he shares with her.

It is during this breakfast that Starlight confides in Spike about her worries. During this conversation, Spike teaches her a valuable lesson that I feel everyone could take advantage of.

Stylewise, FamousLastWords has a strong history of writing in a manner that is pleasing to the eye, and never boring. Once again, that shines through here. Grammatically, no errors jumped out grabbing my attention, and the common writing faux pas that often happen (i.e. Lavender Unicorn Syndrome, or Purple Prose) did not happen here. What did happen is good, clean storytelling that I found quite pleasing.

While the story may be shorter than many, it felt perfectly sized for the message delivered. Yes, it could have been shorter, and still passed the required word count, but it would have felt rushed. It could also have had another thousand words added, but then it would have started to feel drawn out. In the end, it felt a lot like Goldilocks’ perfect porridge; just right.

On a side note, there are a couple of details I wish to speak about: Sunburst & Trixie, and Basements and Dragons. Yes, we all know that Trixie and Starlight seem to be best of friends and the pony version of D&D is Ogres & Oubliettes, but look at the date published. Three days after the Season Six opener.

All in all, the lesson that Spike has for Starlight, to not compare herself to others, but to look upon herself for her positive traits, is a lesson that we should all take to our hearts. And for Starlight, it is an especially important lesson here, with her past still bothering here, and her not feeling up to the task of being Twilight’s student.

All in all, I rate this story 10/10. It is an especially good choice if you wish for something light that will brighten your day just a little more.

Okay, this one hits right in the feels. Once again, it is a short and sweet one, that fits right into that perfection slot. It is a short slice of life bit where Spike and Scootaloo talk about family. The lesson here is one that I have cherished for a long time. Family does not have to be blood related or through marriage. Family bonds can be the bonds that form between the best of friends within their hearts.

There is not a lot to say here beyond… damn you, FamousLastWords, for making such an awesome little fic. It may only be just a little over twelve hundred words in length, but it is twelve hundred words done superbly! So well, that the story has earned it’s placement in my Best of the Best bookshelf. If you want something that will make you feel damn good inside, this short story will do so in spades. This one gets a 10/10 from me.

The story opens with Starlight reading a letter from Princess Cakebutt Celestia in which the Solar Princess inquires about a rather Spike-looking toothbrush. Starlight replies, then we go into flashback mode as Starlight thinks back to when she first got that toothbrush.

Again, FamousLastWords grants us a wonderfully written story in a style that gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that comes from reading something very well done. I did not see any flaws that I could detect, in either grammar or spelling, nor did he fall into any of the typical writing pitfalls that can occur when writing a story. Overall, he has done an outstanding job here.

There was no big, important lesson here. There was no awe-inspiring event. This was one hundred percent Slice of Life. That being said, when a writer captures a moment perfectly, slice of life stories are among the most enjoyable. The fact that he managed to add elements of comedy seamlessly to the fic, and in such a way as to be completely believable, shows just how skilled a storyteller the author is. It takes some serious skill to make a story that awesome, and have it done in so few words. It has earned it’s placement in my Best of the Best shelf, as well as a 10/10 rating.

There you have it, folks. Three excellently done short stories by an outstanding writer. Go check out his stuff. I know for certain that you’ll love his works.
(Seriously, go read his stuff.)

Well, what are you waiting for??? Go read his stories!

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Dude! Thank you so much!

Something I always do in my stories is I write them from personal emotion and experiences. Life lessons I've learned, conversations I've had, relationships gone wrong, family problems... all that stuff is what I incorporate to my writing. I find that writing from my heart helps a lot in adding believability, but it also is my way of teaching lessons to the characters in the show.


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