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Drunk driver hit my bike last night · 8:36pm May 2nd, 2017

Around 10:15 or so last night, a drunk driver collided with Princess Celestia while she was parked outside my home. (Yes, I named my bike after Sunbutt... cause my bike has a fat flank) s you can see, there was some extensive damage. The person who hit the bike took off immediately. Around 11 last night, the cops finally caught the person. I'm betting he is still sitting in the County jail as I type this.

Right now, my baby is up at Starting Line. Dave, the owner of the place, (and a friend of mine) is personally going over the bike. Right now, the biggest worry is whether or not the frame got bent any. The car hit the bike pretty hard. If that frame is bent, then the bike is totaled.

As you can imagine... I'm feeling severely depressed right now. :fluttercry:

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At least they caught the fucker.

Can't stand drunk people.

D48 #2 · May 2nd, 2017 · · ·

Well, that's a lot less bad than I thought seeing the title. The damage definitely sucks, especially if the bike is totaled, but it's a very good thing you weren't on it at the time because motorcycles and drunks both make accidents a lot worse.

4517639 Definitely. The good news is that between the DUI and the hit and run, that idiot is going to be off the road for a long time and Biker won't have any trouble getting money out of him.

4517639 4517647 The big worry right now is the frame, and whether or not the frame is bent. Considering how hard she was hit, that is a distinct possibility. The other worry will be the cost of parts. If the costs exceeds the value of the NADA Blue Book value, then the insurance company will declare it totaled. I was just up there at the shop, and Brenda showed me the list of parts so far... yeah, this is an expensive repair.

Tomorrow, the claims adjuster will be looking at the bike to assess the damage for insurance purposes, and I will have an answer on what the bike's fate is.

4517674 Regardless, I hope you are able to take that bastard to the cleaners.


4517674 Good luck. I know how expensive repairs can be and how quickly value drops, so you have good reason to be worried.

One thing I would recommend is talking with the Police to see if there's any way you can get any extra money out of this to compensate you for the time, trouble, and stress of this mess. It's not something that usually happens without an injury or a lawyer pushing hard, but there are some laws on the books for it and I guarantee the cops will be happy to throw extra charges at a drunk driver so it's worth a shot.

Glad you weren't on the bike friend! Been hit a couple of times riding my bicycle throughout the years and it's super scary!:raritycry:

Explains your range choice

And I am not surprised if its THAT area of the state.

4518426 I'm guessing that you know Front St. in Waterville rather well... (Home of the Bob-In, which has finally shut down for good)


Waterville: Welfare abuse area writ-large

Worked the Wal-Mart there during a re-mod one winter for some extra money. Made sure to NOT stick around if I could help it.

Plus the store name was enough to search for it.

that fucking sucks

Sorry to hear about that dude. I do wish that motherfucking asshole bastard will have to pay for the damage and more.

4520445 At least she will be ready to go to Bronycon again :twilightsmile:

I can only imagine the shape the other guy is in right now. <Skull>

4520589 I have not gotten myself thrown into jail, so he is currently safe from me


Well, if I just so happened to run into the guy who, in my opinion, did try to kill my friend, I may have to take preemptive measures to ensure no repeats...

Seriously, I don't have much compassion for drunk drivers. It's not like being tired after a long shift at work, or having a tire suddenly explode at freeway speeds. You know you have a vehicle and you'll be drinking, and therefore you'll be driving. It's your fucking responsibility to make sure either you watch your alcohol consumption before you drive, or you make a point of having a way home that doesn't involve you motoring while impaired. You've already made the decision to drive drunk hours before you do it.

How's everything now?

Running smooth, and ready to roll down to Maltimare.

Well that's good.:pinkiehappy:
So what's the news on your story 'those who came before'? :rainbowhuh:

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