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The Goal... 200+ mph in the Standing Mile. To Tartarus with academy records, I want to hold a Land Speed Record.

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Prayers for a friend's grandfather · 10:28pm Jan 4th, 2017

I just received news that V-Pony's grandfather has had a stroke.
If you do not know him, V-Pony is the author of the story, Blue Angel, and is all-in-all, a great guy. With all that has been going on in his life lately with work, he is still making the effort to get back into his writing. With this happening, my bro really could use some words of encouragement. Please go check out his page, and drop him a message of support. If you believe in prayer, any and all prayers that his grandfather will recover quickly are greatly appreciated. If you do not believe in prayer, even well-wishes for a speedy and full recovery are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, everyone. The guy has been there for me through thick and thin, and I wish to be there for him as he has been for me.

Justin P. "Biker Dash" Emery

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