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Hi, I'm the Corn.

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    That's it. That's the blog.

    Enjoy your day.



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Update... · 8:32pm Apr 18th, 2017

Hey! Sooo I thought I'd give you an update:

Story updates:

My Top Secret Diary

So yesterday I finally updated My Top Secret Diary after a whole year of waiting. :twilightblush: I haven't had any comments but it has been upvoted once more, so I thank whoever for their like. Though, I haven't had any comments as of yet on the new chapter so it would be appreciated if someone were to comment. (Please... If you don't mind... :fluttershysad:).

The Other Alicorn and The Shipping Game

I'm sorry for anyone looking for updates on The Other Alicorn or The Shipping Game because I haven't updated them since the last time I made a blog post about updating them, but I do hope to have an update up for both stories by the end of next month (I'm so sorry for the long wait).


So, I mentioned in one of my past blogs that I'm I'm writing a few new stories that I sharn't be posting until they're complete. Well, one of those stories is Hallucinations and yesterday I added another half-chapter to it, and so slowly but surly I'm heading towards it being posted. Hallucinations is a story that links together The Other Alicorn and My Top Secret Diary and it should also explain a few things about both stories that are not fully covered in the stories themselves. Although, the story is quite different to the other two, written in a different genre, different style and different setting. It's not the kind of thing I'm used to writing, but I am enjoying writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it whenever it comes out.

Other stories I'm working on.

As well as Hallucinations, I'm also working on a few other new stories, but as with Hallucinations, they shall not be published until they are complete. I don't know what else to say about these really, apart from I hope you enjoy them whenever they come out.

Updates for groups I'm a part of


Sp I posted a thread on Advertisments where users can now advertise non-pony related content though nobody has used it yet, so just as a reminder, the thread is there and you're welcome to use it. Any non-pony related content posted on the group not as a part of the thread shall be deleted. I shall also be posting other threads explaining other group rules and the folders, but if you're a part of Advertisments, please be reminded to post your stories into the correct folders, it makes it a lot easier for me when I have to go through them all and check that they're in the right places.

Crystal Corn's and The Derpy Appreciation Society

So, being the first two groups I ever made on FimFiction, neither of these groups are very big or have much content, but if you wish, feel free to join. Crystal Corn's and The Derpy Appreciation Society are always welcome to new members, though as far as updates go on these groups, I don't think there's anything to be said :applejackunsure:.

Pre-Reading, Proof-Reading and Editing

So a while ago I created this group for Pre-reading, Proof-Reading And Editing though it never really took off because we don't have any staff yet so the group basically crashed and burned. Though, I would like to try and pick the group back up again, so if anyone would like to lend a hand, please come join and Introduce Yourself.

One word story game groups

So I created these groups for playing the one word story game and the NSFW one word story game so if you would like to come and join us, please, feel free.

Discord group: Advertisments group collab

For all those of you working on the Advertisments group collab I thank you all. I really really appreciate everything you've done for the collab, it's wonderful! And I'm ever so sorry that I haven't been able to help out as much as I'd orignally planned, I've just been very busy. But, I promise you I will come back to it and see how everything's getting on.

Project; Community!

I think it's about time I advertised for Project; Community again. It's a group set up by my friend Magical Shield (also known as Shia) and it's awesome! You should really check it out! It's just a group where we try to bring a bit of community spirit, and if you arn't sure about it, please check out this thread.

Just a general update

So, I got a flagcounter first of all. I did make a blog post just to notify you of it, but for those of you who didn't see the blog, I have a flagcounter, so if you go over to my userpage, it'll add your flag to the list. You should totally do that! :raritywink::raritywink:

Also, I need a name for my OC, I'm having trouble thinking of one. I also made a blog post about this.

DeviantArt update

Well, I'm still getting on well with DA, people keep sending me llamas and I've embraced the llama now. I thank all the people who have sent me llamas! :pinkiehappy: I try to update it everyday, so here's a link to my profile for you to take a look. :raritywink:

Anyway, I think I've covered everything in this update, but if you think I've missed anything, please let me know. Oh, and feel free to advertise your own groups to me in the comments if you want, I'll check them out if you do, I like looking at new groups...

Well, that's all folks, so here's The Corn, signing out! :pinkiehappy:


Oh yeh, and there's this:


Well, looks like I'm going to have to start following politics again...

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