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"You're a god; you make it make sense" Soon™

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    Wait what the heck

    How is it already March?

    How is it already 2019?

    I've been on this site for more than seven years now?

    None of this is okay.

    Make it stop.


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    A Tradition Unlike Any Other

    Once upon a time, a much younger C2 was wandering through the Field Museum in Chicago. Younger me was browsing the prehistoric section yet again because dinosaurs were, and still are, the greatest.

    What younger me didn't know was that he was about to stumble upon the greatest creature to ever exist.

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    They Let Me Go

    It was a long struggle and a long weekend, but D and Corejo finally let me go home. Phew.

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    After three years, they're back at it again. I've been forcibly taken from my home on a trip to Baltimore yet again. I don't know how they found me after all these years :twilightoops:

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    Soon™ v2 - [soon intensifies]

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Soon™ · 9:46pm Apr 1st, 2017

Report Csquared08 · 569 views · #April Fools!?
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Comments ( 17 )
#1 · Apr 1st, 2017 · · ·

Oh my god, you're back.

False! C2 doesn't exist anymore. He is but a fable amongst the Noble Jurors.

Wanderer D

Wait, you're alive?! Well, there goes my 20 bucks.

>April 1st
nice try

4480220 I was thinking that too.....

And this:

Welcome Back!

Author Interviewer

who the fuck are you

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Ooh, exciting! Welcome back!


4480170 4480285 4480436 4480479
Something like that, yes.

The manwoman, the myth, the legend.

Do I get 'em? :raritystarry:

But what if that's the joke? :raritywink:

Not the slightest clue.




You see? You've been gone for so long I forgot that you were a woman!

This year's April 1st just didn't get the meaning of April Fool's, it seems.

Are you saying I wrote a story!? :pinkiegasp:

You manifest! :pinkiehappy:

Indeed! Looks like there's quite a bit for me to read, too!

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