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    Well, I did finish the new chapter of The Changeling That Bugged My Heart, and it's in edit for the time being.

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Get hype! · 3:23pm Jan 8th, 2017

Well, I did finish the new chapter of The Changeling That Bugged My Heart, and it's in edit for the time being.

Short as always, and not especially good either, but since Mike is a busy man, you'll still have to wait some time before he comes around to editing it. I wanted to upload it before my birthday, but since I just finished it, it won't be up on the 9th, so that's kind of a failure. :(
Until the editing is done, you can take a look at my other ongoing title [Clop Warning]: Anon's Mare Problems
Be patient, everyone.

Comments ( 10 )

4374586 Wow, how disappointed you'll be after you'll see what turned out of me taking 3 months to write a chapter. XD
This happens when I deviate from my draft.

4374598 two years to produce 1328 words, and still hype! I'll let you figure out which fic that was... :trixieshiftleft:

4374601 Throw me a bone here, it's none of mine, but you got me interested.

4374619 well gosh, now I have to find out which story in my faves list got that status...

[Hype acquired]
Looking forward to it.:twilightsmile:

Mike just sent me a PM, that he got the chapter and will start on it as soon as he can.

4374638 Affliction got updated? How the fuck did I miss that!? Well, I was about to re-read the whole thing anyway. Great! Ano-Pega just has waaay too much poles in the water.

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