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I'm looking for a name · 8:02pm Apr 28th, 2016

I have a Changeling character (female), that I'm going to use in a later chapter. This character currently doesn't have a name, and I was thinking of asking you guys for suggestions. What do you think would be a good name?

Please leave a comment with your suggestion, and if I like one of them and end up using yours, you'll be credited in the bottom of the chapter where the character appears.

Comments ( 23 )

Can you tell us something about the character? The whole "thematic naming" thing is very big with this show, so unless you tell us who the name is for, you're likely to get just a bunch of stereotypically "cool" or "insect-y" sounding names that nobody would actually have.

I agree with wlam. We need a bit more info if you want us to come up with a good name. It is difficult to make names without knowing anything about the character.

Wet Blanket works on several levels.

3903323 Valid point, but that is actually what I'm looking for, and if I were to disclose details about her, the introduction part would be shot. Generic "cool" or "insect-y" names, as you put it, would be good for inspiration, and if there is any I actually like and think would suit her, that's what I'm gonna use, instead of making one up for her on my own...I'm a lazy S.O.B.

3903375 I feel like that would need some explaining! xD

Black Shell? Cephalothorax? Mandible? Hymenoptera? Stinger? I'm probably better at random insecty names, being a bit of a bug nerd, but if that's what you want, I can provide.

We as readers need to know more of a character before we can think up a name for that character. If you can tell us what she looks like and what kind of things she likes. Give us her colors and personality, how she is around others and what race she disguises as, her disguise's colors, looks, personality, cuity mark, and job. If you have all that, then we can find an appropriate name for both her and her disguise.

Diaphanous - adjective
(especially of fabric) light, delicate, and translucent.

It has the advantage of being both descriptive and expanding the reader's vocabulary.

You could go with Domino maybe. Sometimes they're black (with white spots [kinda likes holes]) and it's also a kind of mask.

Buzza? That would work if she was a tough unrefined character, maybe a brutish soldier of sorts.

Formica or Dorylus?

Really though, it feels like we are playing darts blindfolded after being spun around a few times without any info about this person. I understand you are intentionally having us throw spaghetti at the wall in hopes that something sticks, but still.

Silken moth


Chrysalis is the only canon Changeling whose name we know, and it's a bug-like name. So Aria might not be the best bet.

3904444 Isn't this exciting? xD

3903659 Ink Blot might be another good name.

Given that changlings can change into either gender and my head canon is that they don't have binary gender, I chose bug-like names that fits that theme.

Icarus, Diptera, Vespula, Zea, Proteus, Marrella, Cambria, Annelida, Protura, Cerci, Latreille, Nephridia, Phyla, Nauplius, Parva, Zoea, Ixodes, Zelus, Sinea,

3904723 *Goes to find more spaghetti to throw at walls*



You could just call her Damsel after a damselfly.

I'm pretty sure those are real.

Now be surprised that I'm typing this because I'm more of a lurk in the shadows, pessimistic kind of guy. I have decided to partake in the answering in your question and have come up with the name "captivating Demantoid", as I'm sure it sounds odd to you, I assure it makes sense on a technical sense. Some interesting things that stood out to me about Demantoid was that it symbolizes faith, constancy and truth, along with having strong curative powers. The high refractive index makes demantoid the most brilliant of all the garnets, and demantoid garnet has a higher refractive index than sapphire and ruby. Demantoid also has remarkable dispersion, or fire, that exceeds that of diamond. Demantoid itself is a neat looking green color, and the word captivating as you may already know, means to hold interest or to becharming. This is my suggestion for a neat and educational changeling name and if you don't want to use it, I might just have to write something with such a character, though I'm not sure yet if I plan such things.

Mizryb if she's a teacher, Jynyu if she's sad, Mizu if she's a trickster/crazy, Sikil if she's good with strategic fighting/strategy, and Uniarrb if she follows ponies around and is generally a nuisance. Oh, and Enwyn if she's an artist or creative.

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