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My friend Sara's custody battle-Update! · 11:32pm Dec 15th, 2016

So if you don't remember here is the information.
First blog
Second blog
Third blog

Things have been a bit quiet, they are in Arizona again right now and had the very VERY final court hearing last night. And I have news.

Me-Hey so how'd court go?
Sara-Court was good. The judge granted the Rule 59 to send her home... Problem is that now DCS is not cooperating in the process of actually releasing her, so we are sitting around waiting for my attorney to get things straightened out before we leave town to go back home tomorrow so that she can in fact go with us and we won't have to come back.
He is throwing ultimatums at them saying if they don't cooperate then they will be responsible for flying her home to me.
I hat DCS.
Ugh. I'm tired.
Me-yeah I can't imagine but still! You have your baby back!!!!!!!!!!
Sara-I will...
Me-it's the final set back sweetheart, The judge has ruled all they can do is stall
Exactly. That's what they're trying to do, but they are not going to get away with it for too long... My attorney is trying to get an emergency status conference scheduled to get it taken care of.
I will either be driving her home tomorrow, or they will be flying her home to me. They don't get to go against the judge's ruling!
Me-Thats right honey she is yours now and they can't do a damned thing!

REANNE IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you so much to all of you who donated or even just thought good thoughts because it is finally over. So from Sara, Kane, Reanne, and myself...
Thank you.

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Yay! I was just thinking about your friend a few days ago and wondering if she was home. Great news!

I was just thinking about Reanne recently and meant to send you a message. So glad to hear this is finally over and done with! Congrats to Sara and a big WELCOME HOME to Reanne! :pinkiehappy::heart::pinkiehappy:

i wouldn't go home till they release her. they have no choice in the matter.

Didn't you read the writing rules? You're not allowed to write stories in this format...

lol. Nah. This is great news, good on you, all of you. I'm happy for you.:twilightsmile:

Good for her. :) Hope she comes home ASAP.


DCS is only digging a hole for themselves with stalling.:twilightangry2:

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