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I appeal to you again · 5:15am Dec 21st, 2015

As you well know this is Reanne.

She is my best friend's youngest child, last month you wonderful people got Sara and Kane to Phoenix for what was supposed to be the final hearing. Sadly we were all wrong.

Kane L. M. Allen
20 hrs

My wife and I made it to Phoenix, AZ for what was supposed to be the final hearing regarding our youngest daughter, Reanne, and because the judge was late therefore causing our hearing to start later than anticipated, the judge cut the proceeding short.

Our lawyer asked the judge for two minutes, just two minutes, of his time to make his final ruling since closing arguments had both been done on each side and the request was denied. Instead, the judge has prolonged the hearing until January 19th of next year.

Our beautiful baby girl has to spend the holidays in foster care and we have to quickly come up with funds to get from here in WA state to Phoenix, AZ.

Please, any help that anyone can give is extremely appreciated and important. We are both desperate to bring her home and have her back amongst family.

It's not fair but because of a heartless judge Reanne will be in foster care through Christmas. And my friends have another agonizing wait plus they have to re raise the funds to get back for the next hearing!

I know it's Christmas, I know times are hard for everyone but even just a few dollars would greatly help. I won't keep beating this in, I won't post on this again either just... Give it some thought.
Go Fund me link is here.

Thanks, back to ponies tomorrow.
<3 FE

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God that's fucked up. Our whole foster care system is fucked up.

Since I donated the first time around, I've been getting the updates from GFM. I hate to say it, but with the amount I gave the first time, I really just can't give more. I'm really sorry. :fluttershysad: I hope everything works out. Reanne deserves better than foster care.

How much do they needs?

Just as well I'm here to pick up the slack, huh? :raritywink:

I'm so sorry to hear that. People can be so cruel.:facehoof::twilightangry2:

Tossed a couple hundred to them. Can't afford much right now because of the holidays. Hope this gets resolved quickly. A judge not even willing to take 2 minutes because they were late and instead force a child to stay in foster care for another month and taking even more time in the court systems is ridiculous. This kind of action should result in the judge being removed from the bench.

what a heartless ass! Hope that judge had a horrible Christmas!:flutterrage:

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