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Super Trampoline

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Ask Me Anything · 2:22am Nov 27th, 2016

No I'm not dead. Just busy with life. So ask me anything.

Cute comic:

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How many ponies did Nightmare Moon eat?

4318686 410,757,864,530 DEAD PONIES

Author Interviewer

How can we be sure you aren't just a regular trampoline with delusions of grandeur?

where are my chiclets?

and don't play dumb this time

Anything? How do you come up with your story ideas?

How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?

4318837 well sugar has a lot of carbon in it so if you put it under enough pressure and heat it would probably turn into diamonds and diamonds are really strong so you could probably build a space elevator out of diamonds or something so I'm going to say probably a few trillion cups of sugar.

4318801 hundreds of ideas bounce into my head but most of them take too much work to write so I end up writing mostly really dumb ones.

4318780 how can we be sure you aren't just an imperfect present who covers up his flaws?

4318783 I had to look up what they were, so I didn't take them. Probably.

Who is best pone?

4319119 Equestria Daily was running a bat pony writing contest, and I hadn't designed an OC yet, and I thought hey, I'll be a bat pony, and that was that.

But I really feel it fits me well.

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