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Trioverse Vs Canon Changelings · 1:02am Sep 7th, 2016

Spike is friends with a changeling named Thorax.

So with that episode, a lot of new information was given on changelings:

-Drones can speak pony.
-Changelings aren't limited by the size of what they're shapeshifting into.
-They can change into inanimate objects.
-They can change into dragons, and presumably anything else.
-They can't help but act goofy snarly when love is about.
-They are even more insectoid then I initially thought. (Larva forms! Or is that pupa forms?)
-Not 100% sure about this, but I was left with the impression that they feed on love in a similar means to breathing. They take it in through proximity?

So with all this down, I can no longer pretend to claim the Trioverse changelings are the same as canon. I'm not to bothered by this, since the tone of their origins is very different from what was presented in the comics.

I'd say canon changelings are overpowered, since they can shapeshift into THINGS. But that whole 'unable to stop themselves from acting evil near love' thing seems to be counter intuitive to maintaining a disguise. Then again, maybe Thorax just has a snarling condition? If that's the case, then it raises a question:
Why havent the changelings won yet?

Also, I'm a little confused that Spike didn't take Thorax straight to Twilight. I mean, friendship, and what-not. I mean, Spike trusts Twilight, and Twilight trusts him, right?

Oh! Another thing I took from the episode: Some of the brightest and most magically capable unicorns were in that episode, and not a single word was spoken about a spell to find changelings.
If only Twilight knew somezebra that had a means of revealing disguised changelings...

Anywho, what were your thoughts on the episode? Overall, I enjoyed it, and loved the way changelings were fleshed out. Makes me wonder if good ol' Chryssie will show up for the finale.

(If you're curious about Teal Changeling update progress, it's covered in this blog post.)

Report MrAlterad · 734 views · Story: The Teal Changeling · #Trio-verse
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Comments ( 9 )

Thorax was starving so he couldn't help but snarl. A properly fed changeling could probably stop themselves from acting like that. Still, Twilight should have remembered Zecora at somepoint. It wouldn't have mattered, since it would have taken days to get to Zecora, make enough of the changeling detection goo, and then bring it to the Empire and then have to put it on ponies.

Overall, I thought it was an okay episode.

As for the thing shapeshifting, I can say it's probably flawed since they would more then likely still 'feel' like a living thing. That's just me. For my own Shimmerverse, I'm not going to add that feature. I've already given them so much that this is a bit much.

As for why they haven't won.
Chrysalis is incompetent. She kind of has to put herself at the helm and her plans are... eh... She's trying, I'll give her that.

Why havent the changelings won yet?

some things that come to mind:
1. either chrysalis isn't all there in the head, or see #3 below; she went for an army rather than stealthy subversion except for her personal impersonation of cadence.
2. It is quite possible that particularly large forms use up more power; a hungry changeling transforming into a dragon can become a dead changeling.
3. Dubious infiltration skills due to strongly implied lack of natural empathy.

1 and 3 are not actually mutually exclusive.

One thing that this episode suggests is, changlings don't actually eat the love a pony is feeling, they eat the love aimed at that pony. I doubt Flurry Heart feels so much more love than everyone else in Equestria, but apparently she's the greatest source of love in existence. Makes sense if changlinges feed on the love aimed at an object, since Flurry Heart is probably more loved than anyone else in existence, including by the alicorn of love.

You know who else was loved by the alicorn of love? Shining Armor, who fed Chrysalis enough to beat up Celestia. If Chryaslis could feed on any young stallion purely in love and gain that level of power, she would definitely have conquered Equestria long ago. But if the only way to gain a super charge of love is to feed on someone loved by Cadance, then it explains her power in Canterlot Wedding, it explains why Thorax goes uncontrollably beserk near Flurry, and if the S6 finale is a changling invasion of the Crystal Empire and/or the kidnapping of Flurry Heart, it would explain that too.

As for why haven't changlings already won? Well, they can change into anything, but they don't seem to be as strong as an earth pony, their insect wings can't fly as well as a Pegasus, and other than Chryalis, I don't think regular changelings can do magic. It doesn't seem like changing into another form gives them the qualities of that form, otherwise Thorax wouldn't have felt it when Spike bumped into him as a rock.

I liked the changeling parts of the episode, but the changeling behaved too much like a pony, they should've given him more personalitu quirks than snarling. The scene with the larvae and Chryssie was simply awesome.

4196033 Spike didn't show any signs of noticing that the rock felt weird when he picked it up, up until Thorax transformed.

Why haven't they won? Because the writers created them with such numerous advantages that they wrote themselves into a corner and had to stuck them all with massive idiot balls to keep them in check.


*snugs the bug*

There have to be limits to the shapeshifting ability of changelings. I son't think a changeling could turn into a dragon like Torch under any circumstances. We also have no indication that Thorax when he took on Spike's form could breathe fire which he therefore probably can't do.

Didn't Twilight break a changeling's disguise in The Canterlot Wedding, or am I mis-remembering?


Nope. She used the real Cadence as evidence that Chrysalis was impersonating her. Then Chrysalis removed her disguise.

From the perspective of a changeling fan, this episode was garbage.
>>all changelings are born evil
literally kill yourself DHX,

she did iirc. it was a grunt, not chrysalis.

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