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The Saddle Row Review S6E9 Recap · 4:09pm May 21st, 2016

Rarity time! Who has money on the drama pool?

This episode was meh. Nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't standout. There was good humor to be had, fun continuity with the mirror pool being referenced, cameos, new characters. None of the Mane Six acted frustratingly OOC and they all got their time to be funny and cool.

The biggest problem I think was the very thin story. I did like the framing device, which was something new for the show, the six being interviewed about the event after the fact. Once they didn't have the review revealed in the opening I knew it was a good one; an ep like this, either the review is bad and Rarity copes with it, or the review is good and we see the chaos that went on leading up to it. The story was very thin with a forced moral that really is kinda three or four seasons late for the cast to learn. Said moral is basically that Rarity trusts them to do things their way and get it done in a way that helps her, and they try to do it Rarity's way and it ends up a mess. Basically it's the inverse "Castle Sweet Castle."

My takeaway from this episode was that Rarity did a poor job of planning the event. She apparently only had one other co-worker to manage the opening of the store, she picked a location under a dance club, the landowner was a jerk, there was raccoons living on the premises, and most confusing of all, she waited until the day-of to even clean the place. Rarity is a professional and an entrepreneur, she did a poor job planning out her opening and it was due to the other Mane Six being awesome that things turned out well.

Overall, not a bad ep, just not impressed. Probably the weakest of the season so far (Newbie Dash, while having problems, was an important episode for advancing Rainbow's story arc and character). But considering we're nine episodes in, that's a good record.

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Yeah, from the sounds of things and the way you described it things could have been much worse. I skipped out on the episode, largely so I could work on "Shattered Mirror" but the episode sounds interesting enough so I may watch it when I can.

I disagree, this is the first ep of the season to get a 10/10 from me, even though I do admit that it makes no sense for Rarity to wait until literally the last minute to even clean her shop (and discover all the problems).

3961159 I'd put it more at 6 or 7 out of 10. But IMHO, every other episode so far has been an 8 or higher, so it's on a curve. Save for Newbie Dash, but again, that was a big episode for progressing Dash's story arc even if it had botched characterizations.

3961159 Yeah, that's probably a bit OOC for someone like Rarity. Having two succesful shops, she would understand the importance of setting up for the opening in advance, and not waiting until the day of the grand opening to put everything together.

That was legit my only complaint about the ep. Rarity really ought to have been getting things ready long before the due... date... oh.

I'll see myself out.

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