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I'm Sorry · 9:19am Apr 1st, 2016

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Comments ( 4 )

You had better not be sorry.

What a breath of fresh angst-free air!

Did i say agnst-free air?
I meant Verlax-free air.
Everyone knows Verlax shape shifted herself into a massive meteorological high pressure air mass!

Where does the abridged stop so that I can continue on from there and understand this thing?

3844507 Until the end of the first book, titled "Austraeoh". However this is more a comedy abridging of said book, since it is related by characters who didn't come into play until book 2 (Eljunbyro) at the earliest and book 5 (Urohringr) at the latest and weren't there for the events of book 1. So gross misrepresentation for the sake of comedy is at play here.

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