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Trying to nail down an idea · 8:33pm Mar 18th, 2016

You know my shipfic Psychadelic?

I'm trying to nail down a sequel in my head.

Well, okay, I'm trying to nail down a gag that starts the sequel in my head.

Basically, Tree Hugger and Discord visit Tree Hugger's parents for the holidays and reveal their new baby. Which is a big surprise, because Tree Hugger's parents never even knew she was pregnant. And Tree Hugger explains that she didn't want them to worry, because the pregnancy was ludicrously weird...

I'm trying to think of a 'weird' pregnancy that can be noodle-implimented yet actually function. My mind has the two of them alternating who was carrying at least twice, Tree Hugger temporarily mutating, and then a period of incubating an egg in swamp water... but that just doesn't strike me as quite strange enough, even though it all fits. Any other off-hoof mentions they can make to increase the weird?

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Go the Athena route, perhaps?

Neat reference for those that get it, to everybody else: 'Oh, I had a headache, but Discord borrowed a spear' is going to sound really, really weird.


Okay, so the kid had a kinky conception.

After the pregnancy, Tree Hugger was left with the ability to photosynthesize.


You can thank me later.


I said I was trying to nail something down. Not hammer something down.

What about some weird, like alien sort of shenanigans? Like maybe the baby's power called a race of aliens to Equestria's surface and they try to take over the world?

I don't know. I haven't even read that particular story.


I'm saving the aliens for later in the baby's life.

3814742 Okay, then zombies. Zombies are cool and chaotic.

Maybe the baby has to go through a weird life cycle before it becomes a baby? I'm not thinking actual xenomorph...but...

Hmm. Well, the baby could move not just between them but also around an individual body, say, dangling off of an ear. The kid could also wander off at some point, forcing them to track down the round lump of fur that detached from one of their bodies and is now rolling around like a hamster ball. Morning sickness is sure to be an adventure; what comes out need not bear any resemblance to what went in. Mood swings will likely be enhanced by the chaos magic. Visible auras would be an interesting phenomenon, and even without them, I can only imagine what the mayhem will look like from Tree Hugger's perspective.

And that's not even getting into what happened during the honeymoon...


Yes, Discord's mood swings would be awful. He would cry all the time and make impossible demands for things that Treehugger couldn't deliver. Ironically he could just snap his fingers and have them anyway, but that's not the point, dammit! He wants attention! Now! Lots of it! He's carrying an egg, dammit. Doesn't she care?!? *smashes vase against the wall and literally floods the room with tears*

3814782 "Visible auras," hmm? Even if this isn't what you meant, it'd be neat if other ponies briefly saw Tree Hugger the way she sees them. Would the purple glasses necessarily work for them the same way, perhaps letting them see TH in full color among many purple objects?

what about literally having a bun in the oven

well semi literally, since I don't think babies can survive becoming buns

Some random third party carrying the baby, and how upsetting that was, especially since said third party was male.

Talk about cravings that includes phrases like "she didn't cause that much structual damage to the palace" and other suggestions of eating things that aren't food in vague terms.

Mentioning unlaying the egg before the birth, though obviously that might go into squick/fetish territory. And giving the detail that unlaying just means swallowing it is hardly better.

Diareha, and then offering some inocuous item and only later mentioning that was pouring out of her hooves the whole time and of course that's what they meant. Something similar could be done with vomit.

A mention of the cosmic horror that popped out of her navel when it went from an innie to an outtie, and how thankfully the bearers defeated it.

And finally, that the flooding from when her water broke was fairly widespread, but not as bad as the papers said.

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