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Alternatives to Fimfiction · 6:23pm Jan 27th, 2016

Comments ( 6 )

Gasp! They know about the secret chamber!

I don't see why one can't use multiple options. Beaming pictures of cats holding bestsellers in your secret chamber to our alien masters, for example.

Nah, man. A Broadway musical about peer review journals made from the pulp of an enchanted oak is clearly the way to go.

The Broadway musical idea reminds me of the Dance Your Ph.D. contest. Because everyone knows that what science really needs is more interpretive dance!

The secret chamber is a classic, but the catch is your work will only be read once the authorities find your decomposing corpse within, and will only achieve notoriety if you had well-publicized reasons for hiding from the public in the first place :pinkiecrazy:

I've seen some interesting stuff along that line. Choreographing quantum entanglement and the collapse of the wavefunction... Not sure how much the audience takes in... I think I'll stick to ponies.

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