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    On Nine-Eleven, I tried to write a Sunset story, but it got bogged down in crap partway through. Enjoy music.

    Hey, at least it's not an Otter video. Otters are awesome. More past the jump.

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Author's Notes for Mayor's Break Time · 4:31am Jan 22nd, 2016

Thank you for reading Break Time and these notes! Like I said in my previous blog post no one read, I wrote this story as something of a mini-celebration of my first fic on the site, Ponyville Holds An Election. To date, that remains my longest published fic, the only one to break 10,000 words (though nowhere near my most popular). I actually have not read it since shortly after posting it, so I can't say anything as to its quality relative to what I've done since.

Break Time was written in just a couple of days. While I could – and probably SHOULD – have let it lay for more than a day to smooth it out, I felt I needed to get it posted on the 20th, otherwise what would be the point of writing it in the first place? And yes, I had to end the story with an explosion. Because nothing good can ever happen in Ponyville, right? :derpytongue2:

Anyway, my headcanon for this series has always been that Mayor Mare doesn't like Twilight, considers her something of a usurper… and felt that way even before her Alicornication – you're not going to see many if any "Princess Twilight" stories from me, for the record. But considering Twilight's canonical tendency to step in and take over, it makes sense to me that the mayor and Spike would be able to find common ground in complaining about her and would use that to forge an unlikely friendship. Also, the idea of Apple Bloom innocently making moonshine is intrinsically hilarious to me.

Consider yourselves lucky. Before publication, I cut a long-winded rant from the Mayor about Twilight and the Canterlot Nobility because it didn't really take the story anywhere and I wasn't able to get Spike to stop the derailment.

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