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Random Ramblings CDXXIV · 4:59am Jun 23rd, 2023

Hey, y’all. Been a few months. Whoever reads this, just wanted to show I’m not dead yet. Do you know NMIXX? You should.

Right. Now, where was I? Oh, I’m sure I’ll figure it out below the jump.

I’m writing this on June 22nd 2023. Tomorrow is the final day to apply to Law School. Due in part to dissatisfaction with my LSAT score and also my inability on my first attempt to contact former professors for letters of recommendation, I decided to skip applying this year, retake the test this coming Winter, and try again. It adds another year that the people around me don’t have, but it is what it is.

I was told that to go back to school required getting my headspace back in order. I can’t keep a coherent sleep schedule, and my headspace isn’t much better off. Then of course there’s the base question of “Do I want to be an attorney?” The answer to that is, “I don’t care but I DO want to understand what all the other attorneys, including my now-departed dad, were trying to tell me. Not understanding things irritates me. Besides, if I can legally take over the family business, I can hopefully ensure it ends up with someone younger and competent. God forbid I ever manage to procreate or adopt and end up with a kid who takes after me who takes after my dad. Poor nonexistent bastard.

My dad didn’t want me to go into Law despite my interest because he believed my calling was and is writing. It’s definitely true that legal writing is VERY different than the word vomit I’ve spewed here since January 2015. And yet, only to a point. I’ve said over the years that I try to be very careful about how I word my stories. Even my “deepest” single story only ended up being about 30,000 words following a massive rewrite, yet I feel “Antonovka” (pls read it!!!) got across everything I wanted it to, no more or less.

SO… Why haven’t I posted anything? The answer to that is simple. I have been writing, but I haven’t been writing Pony. Over the past year I’ve gotten into the parody series SMG4 (originally a Mario machinima that evolved into Gmod animation with original characters). I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to hook up Mario with the female lead -- an Inkling from Splatoon. But, well, any longtime readers of mine, if they’re left, know I have to cover all my bases and make it believable, otherwise the whole thing falls apart.

Yes, I researched cephalopod reproduction for this. I NEVER SAID I WAS SANE.

Just like my half-written Sunset x Applebloom series that y’all will probably never see, I have to build the foundation before I can create the intricate masonry above-ground that makes things beautiful, to write the stories I WANT to write. Can’t do it without the boring setup stuff, and that to me is the most difficult. But if I don’t do the grunt work at the start, why should readers care what happens later?

And in case you’re wondering… Yes, the fact that in my AU, Sunset is nearly twice Applebloom’s age IS an issue that everyone is all too aware of. Let’s just say if I write it, it may not be a happy ending for everyone.

On the other hand, my Mario story seeks to answer questions. Since both characters are adults, there is at least a chance of an ending that isn’t tragic. It’s in my head every day and I look forward to crapping it out onto the page. No clue where I’d be able to post it though. I really hate FF.net. AO3 and Wattpad are better but lack some guidelines we take for granted on FimFic -- namely the ban on Script-Fics. I didn’t realize how annoying those are until perusing those sites.

Anyway, I want to be done before midnight (CDT), so I’ma let y’all go. Hope everyone is well.

Peace out.

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