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Random Ramblings CDXXV · 4:59am Nov 3rd, 2023

No, really. I haven’t been by my local burrito place in a long time, partly due to my mother, so I haven’t been able to get good inspiration for another Burritoverse story. Sorry. For now, enjoy my favorite J-Pop group NiziU.

Yes, there’s other Japanese groups I like more, but they’re either alt-Idol or J-Rock. Anywho, if you’ll follow me past the jump.

SO… Less than 48 hours ago, my mother had surgery on one of her eyes. It went very well. She’s set to get her other eye done in a little under two weeks (the ophthalmologist prefers to have both eyes, if needed, worked on within a month). The doctor also told me to set up an appointment with her after mama told her I hadn’t had my eyes checked since high school, over 20 years ago. I agreed because I have to renew my driver’s license in 2024 and I’m always scared I’ll fail the eye exam -- I passed it in 2016 but only barely.

I’m honestly really irritated I haven’t been able to visit the local burrito barn lately. It seems to have more business lately. I sure as fuck hope they hired more staff because the pandemic nearly killed them and they were drive-thru only for awhile even after due to lack of employees. Why have I not had burritos? Because my mother lives with me and tells me I’m a fatso (this is true) and shouldn’t eat too much. Well, if I eat one of the big burritos then I’m usually good for the rest of the day. Problem is mama loves to cook, especially lately, so I haven’t had as much culinary freedom as I once had.

Now I know how my ex-girlfriend felt when I kept strict watch over her diet… because I didn’t want her to follow the path of her mother and grandmother. But it’s been SEVEN YEARS now since she dumped me. One more year and we’ll have been broken up longer than we were together. Sigh.

Anyway, whenever I’m not working on my non-Pony SMG4 fanfic, I keep trying to think of SOMETHING worthy of my favorite girl Sunset Shimmer. I have ideas. Whether they’re workable is a different question.

With everything happening to the Trump family lately, I regret that I killed off The Donald’s EQG equivalent years ago, though I had always planned to have him appear via flashback. Maybe I should pull a DC/Marvel and bring him back to life so Sunset can let him kill himself again. That would be darkly funny. It could also tie in to my canon-slash-continuity about SciTwi, who in my ‘verse is quite evil though I regret I haven’t let y’all see much of that yet. Since it doesn’t look like I will have the time to write out my GRAND FINAL SUNSET STORY, maybe I should just give a rundown like I did with my Pinkamena story I never finished. I hate to do that, but I’d rather than than leave anyone hanging. If there’s anyone left.

Yes, I am still trying to get into law school. Partly out of a sense of duty, partly out of spite, partly out of irritation, but also out of curiosity. Thing is, I’m almost 40. I’m well aware several people older than me have entered and succeeded in that, but I’ll have to work extra hard because I’m not in my 20’s anymore and I’m still a lazy-ass if left to myself.

Anywho, I want to get this out before the day flips over CDT so… that’s all for now!

Peace out.

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Peace and best wishes on law school! Also burritos. Always burritos.

I’m trying to wrestle a story out of my head as well. I hope you can let Sunset out to play again!

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