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Random Rambling CDXXIII · 2:20am Jan 22nd, 2023

So… Turns out it's been a full year (!) since my last story. I promised a couple stories in between but failed to finish them. But at least I got my annual Mayor Mare story in. Have some Twice as penance.

More past the jump, if you're willing.

I may have shirked on everything else but I was DAMN sure not going to miss my January 20th upload. That's one deadline I've kept for eight years. It took me little longer than usual to come up with an idea for it because nothing interesting has been going on lately on the local front, Trump's fate is still up in the air, and I really don't want to satirize or parody the Russo-Ukraine War even though the MLP-AU I've created over the years would allow for it. Instead I did what I often do… I went meta. And I think that was the best choice.

Anyway, on the 14th, exactly a week ago (but it feels longer than that), I took the LSAT -- the national standardized test to see if you're good enough to get into law school. Three days later I did the writing portion. I won't know my score until February 1st (and that's IF neither of my testing sessions got flagged). If I did well enough -- NOT a given -- then I have 2½ months (April 15th) to get 2-4 letters of recommendation, contact my university and community college for transcripts, and apply. My last university happens to have an ABA-approved law school, from which my dad and aunt got their JD's, so I'd prefer to go there rather than move to the state capital or a nearby out-of-state school for three years.

But do I really WANT to do this? I want to learn the things, absolutely. But I enjoy being a sloth (or a slug, as my mother puts it). While my brain is in a better place than it was in 2016 -- to say nothing of 2006 -- it's still going to be difficult to go from zero to balls-to-the-wall nearly overnight.

If I fail, I have two options -- try again (depends on how hard I failed) or give up and let my family's law firm shut down.

It's a trite saying, but it is true (sometimes) that it's better to attempt something than spend the rest of your life wondering "What if…" so, in that sense, I'm glad I tried.

Y'all know I put a lot of myself into the Sunset Shimmer character, though I still try to keep her a bit different.

I really did start writing two or three Sunset stories but couldn't finish them. Including one where Sunset had decided to become an interdimensional attorney to take down Equestria's Trump Orangeglow (the one in the EQG-verse died thanks to Aria but his legacy lives on). That's one of MANY bits of me-canon, lore, and references I threw into Status Update.

Another is Granny Smith's "death", which I'd been planning since 2015(!) but only really fleshed out in Antonovka, which you should read if you haven't. Of course, dramatic irony is in play here because the readers, Discord, and Apple Bloom know ol' Granny is immortal -- she can't die as long as the earth exists -- so she has to "reinvent" herself every 75 years or so.

Like most of the secondary cast in my universe, she doesn't have a lot of respect for Twilight Sparkle. And I not-so-subtly hint how Twilight's return to Canterlot correlates with a large decrease in Ponyville disasters.

Equestria's Apple Bloom is evidently planning on retracing her "granny's" trek through the Everfree Forest. EQG's Apple Bloom hasn't had much to do, but if I ever succeed in writing her, she'll be important.

Obviously, I threw in references to many of my previous Mayor stories just to prove continuity still exists. I also referenced Turnabout Storm because I recently watched SMG4's "Lawsuit Arc" where Phoenix Wright also cameos (and then referenced that). So yeah, TS exists in my universe. And, oddly, my EQG canon has now officially been welded to my Mayor Mare canon, which I never intended to do, but I was bored.

I don't know when I'll be back again. Hopefully I'll do better than 2022 where I only posted ONE story. Yikes. But like I said, I tried to write others in '22 and none of them worked. I've also preferred writing stuff outside of Pony lately. You can't fit Lupin The Third or Urusei Yatsura into Equestria (believe me, I tried). Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost every non-MLP idea I have boils down to romance (shipping). Several of my MLP ideas lead to romance or at least hint at it. Sunset is one hell of a chick-magnet.

By the way, spoiler that I thought about while writing SU -- Twilight is probably going to have Moondancer lead the prosecution against Orangeglow since Sunset needs time to get through school. I've never written Moondancer before but she's a great character, so she might be fun especially given Orangeglow's misogyny provides a good conflict. Once more goes on in the real world, I'll see if I can't tackle that along with maybe finishing the Sunset stories I already started.

So… yeah. Once again I'm sorry for my extended absence. I can't promise I'll improve, but I'll make an attempt. The two of you who made it this far, thank you for reading and continuing to follow me after eight years.

Peace out.

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I can appreciate where you’re at with output. After posting four stories in 2019, I posted one in 2020, two in 2021, and zero in 2022. :rainbowderp:

I hope the law stuff goes well for you!

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