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Hey, can we fill this thread full of cute pony coupples? · 11:12pm Dec 5th, 2015

So, because my finances suck I decided to apply for disability income since I qualify and I honestly can't seem to succeed on my own. So I dug out my old phycology evaluation and read it to be able to correctly fill out the paperwork. I'm less sane than I recall apparently.

Feeling crummy as a result from this, and I wanted to write today... Can we post some ponies here? Something cute to perk me up?

Report Meep the Changeling · 159 views · Story: The Queen is Dead · #sad
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Comments ( 27 )

Searched "Badass Pony" for you and got this as the 11th result. Yes, I counted. Hope it inspires you in some way!

3595776 That dose help, It's nice to see an older Spike.

Comment posted by bep deleted Dec 5th, 2015

3595802 Pics like this are why I have a transformers crossover as one of my AU's side dimensions.

3595819 Thanks, that helped a lot. :)

Not strictly pony but it's cool shit for yours and FluffleFan's enjoyment.

While these are all songs, they do have cute ponies on the front. The music should still fit what you are looking for

There are a few more that I know of if you want, let me know.
What area of the world do you live in?

3596488 Humm, Brony made music tends to be good, I'll give them a listen.

As for my location, I live in the Celestia forsaken/cursed land of Alaska. We are in that magical tim eof the year of 1 hours of sunlight per day, approaching the day of no sun soon... (It's pretty depressing. Also yes that's a real thing, and yes it reverses in the summer until you have no night.)



Dude, this literally broke me out of this particular bout of depression. And I have actual fucking clinical depression that I'm supposed tobe on meds for. Thank you so fucking much!

3596607 no problem, makes my day making people happy:twilightsmile:

3597165 Oh sweet Celestia! :fluttershyouch: Cole's expression in that first one can only be matched to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOtMizMQ6oM

ALso now I wish I had money for fun things :c I need that plush...

3597181 I know those feels :applecry: *hug*

3597193 Damn you capitalism! Stop making cool shit without giving everyone the stuff needed to get that cool shit!

3597195 I know! Where is my Lightsaber!

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