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Gravity Falls Finale Speculation: The Circle That Will Contain Bill (SPOILERS) · 3:32pm Oct 27th, 2015

If you'll notice in last night's blog, I headed my section on Gravity Falls with an image of Bill taken from a page of Ford's journal.

I've been staring at that image and thinking a lot about it. Specifically, about the circle of symbols that surrounds Bill.

Several of the symbols in the circle are known to represent certain characters. In fact, Bill has specifically called certain characters by a nickname ("Shooting Star, Question Mark, Pine Tree"; "Sixer"), and certain symbols seem to inherently represent certain characters.

Examining this circle more carefully, and knowing that there is hidden meaning in pretty much everything in Gravity Falls, but ESPECIALLY in anything that's in the journals, and ABSOLUTELY in anything related to Bill, I've begun speculating as to who the unknown symbols represent. Some of them are easier than others. Some...not so much.

After conferring with Zef about it, I've put together a speculative chart on the unknown symbols:

The symbols whose related identities are obvious or have been stated outright are marked in blue. The symbols in pink are the present unknowns.

In case you can't read my garbage handwriting, here's the breakdown, clockwise from the top:

Question Mark: Soos. Bill called him that back in season one, and his shirt has a question mark on it.
Bag of Ice: Seems to be Wendy. I'm basing this on the fact that it doesn't seem to fit anybody else and she's obviously part of the circle.
That thing on Stan's fez: Stanley, natch.
Pine Tree: Dipper. Again, this is one of the ones Bill has named.
Psychic Star: My best guess is this is Gideon Gleeful.
Sixer: Stanford. Aside from Bill naming him, it's also the symbol on the journals and, well, Ford has six fingers on each hand.
Llama: The llama stumped me, because it doesn't seem to FIT any known character. However, I can only assume, by process of elimination, that the Llama is Fiddleford Hadron McGucket.
Shooting Star: Mabel. The last of the Circle Bill has named.
Mended Heart: Robbie. Actually, this one SHOULD be in blue, because the Mended Heart is on his hoodie. It's only in pink with a question mark because I'm being cautious with my speculation.
Glasses: Gonna be honest, this one's the one I have the most trouble with. There are two characters this one could conceivably represent: Toby Determined or Candy Chiu.

So what's the importance of this circle?

My theory is, these ten people will have to come together to contain Bill and seal the rift. Which means Stan will come back (he ran away when things got weird) and Ford will somehow be returned to human form.

EDIT: Seconds after posting this, I realized that two of my guesses are WAY off.

The glasses are McGucket and the llama is Blendin Blandin.

I'm such an idiot.

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Nice guesses. Thise were some of mine, but a few differences:
1) I pegged the six-fingered hand as the journals. My guess was that they held the key to stopping Bill.
2) I thought the glasses were Ford, mainly because they look like Ford's glasses.

Llama and bag of ice stumped me completely, but it would make a kind of sense. However, my thought was that they all stood for something, not necessarily someone.

After watching the episode, I have officially confirmed that all Northwests, minus Pacifica, are blockheads! I think Bill's reaction to his offer was well deserved! Disturbed, but deserved. But Time Baby... HOW DID HE KILL THE FREAKING TIME BABY?!?!?! AND THE ENTIRE T.A.R.C.?!?! But I'd like to see what kind of jacked-up stuff Bill put in Mabel's Bubble. And why he bubbled her, and not Dipper or Ford (though, granted he turned Ford into a golden backscratcher).

3500273 The journals were destroyed, though. And the symbols stand for people, not things. That was made evident in "Dreamscaperers".

3500288 True and true. But unless there's some other hint to what Bill's weakness is, there's got to be something else. Besides, I'm pretty sure you didn't miss that one page that didn't totally burn roll off the screen.:duck:

Actually, I think the lama is Passifica (or at least she may play apart)
There was a lama in the picture the ghost a pressed out of with a lama on it in northwest mannor

3500273 A never ending Summer to keep her calm.

3500405 You are the second person I'm seeing that guessed llama is Pacifica. But you don have a good point. But it was a pretty late foreshadow in that case.

3500836 The thing about Pacifica that makes it unlikely (but still possible!) that she's a major part of the finale is this:

Pacifica was never meant to have any importance. The only reason she got two focus episodes in season two was because she became a fan favorite during season one.

That having been said...given what happened in Northwest Mansion Noir, it's POSSIBLE.

3500965 Yeah, the most popular theories I've seen about the Cipher Wheel tend to suggest that Pacifica's the Llama and McGucket's the glasses. Likewise, people tend to be torn between the idea that the Wheel suggests those who can defeat Bill and the idea that the Wheel suggests who Bill needs for his final plan.

Actually, people have jumped on that Pacifica is the Llama symbol.

To quote from /r/GravityFalls, which had a thread specifically about that

In Northwest Mansion Mystery there was a painting of a llama in the secret room and it looks exactly like the one on the bill cypher wheel.

Edit: son of a hamster, I didn't read the comments before I posted my kneejerk response to the blog. :facehoof:

Why do you think that the glasses are McGucket and the llama is Blendin?

3505646 The glasses are McGucket because he is no longer blind (as in, the Society of the Blind Eye is disbanded and he's getting his memories back). Blendin as the llama, I have no rationale for except he's the only one who survived the massacre of the Time Agents. So I'm probably wrong there. Especially given the whole connection with the Northwests.

3505977 Blendin wears glasses. And remember who Dipper bumped into with the ice in The Time Travellers Pig.

3507303 You're taking the glasses too literally.

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