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Where Am I? <--Check this post! · 4:24am Sep 30th, 2015

Alright guys, first things first. I am, as of tomorrow morning, off the grid on a fishing boat working. Until around the 23rd of October, I will not be able to reply to comments or PMs.

However, there will still be posts going up over on my site, Unusual Things, twice a week! I've got them all set up in advance, and while they are touched up old posts, if you've been following me for under a year you've never seen them! Fimfic doesn't do scheduled stuff, but you can go there!

So, that takes care of that. One other announcement, however, concerning Beyond the Borderlands.

Thank you so much for all your comments. I read each and every one of them and loved them. I also spent two-and-a-half hours earlier tonight writing up a huge response post to each and every single one of them ... only for the borrowed laptop I was on to lose it with no hope of recovery. And I don't have time to write it all up again. Sorry, guys. But let it be known that I did read all of them and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for the praise, the theorizing, and the fun!

When I get back, I'll reply to you guys. Maybe even drop some hints. I'm glad you all loved the finale and the big reveals. I worked hard on Beyond, and it totally paid off!

Thanks, guys.

Well, this is it. I'll see you all a month from now! Wish me luck!

Viking ZX

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Comments ( 7 )

Have a good, safe, quiet month! And may your muse be plenty active with the means to record.

Thanks! I brought my notepad. I actually plotted out the chapters to Beyond the Borderlands several years ago on another fishing job. This time? Shadow of an Empire gets that treatment!

Good luck with this year's Deadliest Catch! :trollestia:

I bet you're gonna block me for making that joke, but it was worth it. Hope you do well and can't wait to see you back on site!

Guess that means you won't have a chance to read the first two chapters of the MHI MLP crossover I just posted. Oh well, they'll still be here when you get back. :rainbowwild:

That said, it's good to see you taking care of your financial woes on your own terms. Here's hoping it's the last fishing trip you have to take for a good while.

To quote some famous comedian, "TAKE LUCK!"

3431189 Will we get to see more of captain song and a particular physicians little rescue?

I'll actually get around to finishing the story by the time you get back. Maybe I'll get in a comment to get into the non-sabotaged replies. Hope the fishing boat work is just the right amount of challenging for you.

Due to real life stress and stuff, I had to put off finishing Beyond the Borderlands. But I'm glad I waited. It made me enjoy it that much more.
Hope everything on the boat went well. :)

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