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I write stories so that I won't be kept awake at night with a brain full of ponies.

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Shared Universe · 10:44pm Sep 23rd, 2015

To those of you that don't know, I started a little story called Lupine Tree that took on a life of its own. It tells the tale of a timberwolf tree that awakens the intelligence and incomplete memories of human, while getting a small boost in power as well.

Now, as a rule, all my stories exist in the same multiverse. Oblivion from Black Queen, Red King is still out there, and the Discord in one story is part of the same inter-dimensional being as the Discord of another.

In the case of Lupine Tree, I took it a step further.

In Split Second, there's Twilight's timeline and Sparkle's timeline. Lupine Tree officially takes place in the third timeline: the unsplit timeline of Twilight Sparkle (canon pseudo-canon). Any historical event/rules of magic/world building in one story is now considered canon to the other.

Edit: When I say "shared universe," I mean that the magic systems and non-canon elements I introduced in Split Second are "canon" to Lupine Tree, and vise-versa. They still both deviate from "true" canon.

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Comments ( 8 )

Uh, how is this considered shared universe? Or are you just using the same magic systems?

Um, not to question your logic, but unless you work on staff for the cannon run of MLP or the IDW series I'm not entirely sure you can have your character exist in any official timeline's capacity outside your head-cannon. Which, is technically the same branch as any of your personal interpretations or alternate universes of the show even if it splits off... so its not technically cannon.

I'm not objecting to it being called cannon, but it should have some distinctive 'Title' of importance since the other timelines you created split off of it in much the same way it branches off of the hub/hasbro or idw/madefire cannon. . . you apearently like Fringe so Wilie's Fringe Concept or WFC Cannon works for me.


Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I meant that the canon events of MLP up until the timberwolf got smart happened as normal, but the world itself contains the non-canon elements that I introduced in Split Second that existed before the divide, such as Scorpan being alive, the gods and goddesses, the Red Platoon, etc.

Basically, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being MLP itself, 2 being the comics, and 10 being total AU, Lupine Tree is a 3, Twilight's timeline is a 5, and Sparkle is a 5.5.

And TC, as for a name for this canon, how about the Three Timeline Canon (TTC)?

TT Cannon works :) because 3.15 is close to Pi, get it?

Since the Harmony Tree being activated was what brought the human into the Timberwolf tree, I'm guessing this doesn't happen in the Sparkle Story.

If they're just different timelines they're not universes., unless the timelines diverge into something tremendously different from the original.

Huh, I hadn't recognized you were the same author as that of RQBK. I dropped that after Will went full vampire, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to go back sometime for context.

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