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September AMA [And Patreon] · 5:55pm Sep 7th, 2015

Hey guys, I'm sorry I missed out on the first of the month for posting the AMA, but it sort of slipped my mind because of two things:

1. School has been really giving it to me. And we aren't talking "Well, now that we've got the candles lit and the lube all prepped, how about we try something faster and harder", we're talking full-on American Psycho bullshit.

2. I've been trying to figure out how I'm going to support myself because in two months or so I turn 18, and that's when my parents are going to kick me out of the house. That sounds a lot harsher than it is; this is also partially my decision, because we have been fighting a lot, as teenagers and their parents are wont to do, so we all figure it'll be smoother if I just get my own place until college rolls around (which I have to pay for all by myself, so it's just basically switching from one rented place to the other). While I'm not in any imminent danger of homelessness, the job I have currently is certainly NOT enough to support myself, so if you wanna help out, I've got a patreon right here (which I've actually had for over a year, I just felt that milking you guys for money wasn't something I needed to do in my then uber-privileged life). Just donating a few dollars is fine; hell, donate ONE dollar. There are also rewards for donating more money, which I hope are agreeable. Any sort of support is really highly appreciated, and do remember: you are not obligated to donate. If you can't, or really don't want to pledge money, I'm not going to fault you for it. It's completely your choice, and I understand if you don't chose to make it. You guys really don't owe me anything.

With that said, this is still the AMA, so ask me anything. (people who donate to the patreon will get a special thanks on future AMA blogs)

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Comments ( 39 )

How did you come up with/where did you get the name "Regidar"?

Can I have a hug?

Uh... *looks around*

Have you ever considered becoming a Barefoot Writer?

3375583 only the spiritually caged wear shoes

3375578 You can! But will you get a hug? That's the true question.

3375572 I played 3.5 dnd with my dad when I was like 6. There's a started character, a fighter, named Regdar. Little me pronounced it Regidar, and when I started using the internet a few years later, I used Regidar as the name for all my accounts in RPGs and for youtube and all that. So naturally, I used it when I came on FiMfiction, but this is the first time the name's amounted to anything. :rainbowlaugh:


Huh. Almost as old as my former "somebad*" thing.

Will you hug eLLen if you get the chance?

What are you wearing right now?

What's the last thing you've fapped to?

Did you brush your teeth today?

What are your plans after college?

Wait, you're 17?

What kind of movies do you like?

3375697 Chick flicks, and action movies (especially apocalyptic ones). Weird shit like Eraserhead and Donnie Darko as well.

3375675 yeh

3375664 grey briefs
some weight gain fic I read last night
not yet
hopefully getting popular enough in a band to do a tour of the country/europe

How do you use Patreon? Can't figure out how to donate. In Mother Russia, "donations" is code for ammo and vodka. I don't understand this outlandish American way of life. :P

3375708 Huh. I didn't know you were younger than me.

3375764 I've never been secretive about my age.

3375757 There's a big orange button that says "become a patreon" and the little interface above lets you put in as much money as you want to donate. I think you need a paypal to donate, although other credit cards might work.

3375708 Ever seen the movie Memento?

3375796 have not, is it any good?

3375801 Fantastic.

It's not really surreal, but it's got a similar "weird shit" vibe.

3375821 damn straight, been playing since 2007 with no breaks

3375823 Alright, cool, I'll czech it out

Ever tried watching Mr. Robot yet?

Now this next question is very important.

Old School servers or modern servers?

3375859 nope

3375873 modern was good up to 2011, they fucked it up in 2012. Old school all the way my friend.


3375783 Guess I'm just a dumb dumb. :/

How much of a bitch would you feel like if we didn't ask for those rewards when we donated? And is there a due date for this?

3375902 >that ring of wealth
maximum kek

3375940 I wouldn't mind if you chose not to pursue the rewards, it's your choice. And what do you mean by due date?

3375948 Like, will the patreon close at any point in the near future?

3376004 No, why would you say that? I wouldn't benefit if I closed it.

lmao ur a whore
do you prefer blondes or redheads

3376116 blonde redhead

Why do meteors always land in craters?

Well, if you decide on a school around here, you know you've got a safe roof to be under.

Best of luck, and you best call or text me if you get into some sort of tight spot and need help.

3376516 there are some things you can't explain

3376791 I'm looking more west coast, but it's always appreciated, dancer <3

For 100 dollars a month you will literally suck someones dick? Is that a one time sucking or is it a sucking every time the 100 dollars comes through? *wink wink*

3377227 dude, if i ever make that much money
I will suck dick every time 100 dollars goes through
so like
once a month

*reads rewards and milestones*
Sure, seems worthwhile enough.
*pledges $7.50AUD per month*
God I hate this exchange rate :twilightangry2:

3377266 is the australian currency worth more or less?


1.00 USD = 1.43851 AUD
1.00 AUD = 0.695164 USD
Mid-market rates: 2015-09-08 05:25 UTC


3377352 :c
still, it's appreciated

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