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I've made a decision · 7:00pm Aug 30th, 2015

Fast as lightning, sharp as a sword

By now, most everyone's excited by the appearance of my fifth Steam Collection story. And everyone's looking forward to Sunset's and Twilight's entries in the series. And yes, I will be writing Sunset next, followed by Twilight. But I've made a decision that some fans may not be too happy with.

The Steam Collection ends with Twilight's story.

I've realized that the only reason anyone knows I exist on this site is one of three reasons. One is "One More Dance", the first truly well-received story I ever wrote here. The second is the constant misery I put everyone in (or "drama" as some people lightly call it), which absolutely everyone refuses to let me live down (the downvote bullying from earlier was just one example). And the third is these semi-smutty stories that I started once when I was bored and horny and had nothing better to do. Despite the quality improving with each story, the reception goes down each time, and because a story of mine that I was hoping would be better received ("Attachment", a story I put honest effort into), I've realized that no one on this site seems to (want to) take me seriously as an author, and that I've been writing what other people want me to write for far too long.

I know it seems harsh, and I'm sorry if this is a letdown for all of you. But these stories have reached a point where people who read them, knowing they won't like them, will read them anyway and hate on them, despite my best efforts to improve with each story. That, and I want to be able to write better, more meaningful, and more profound stories that reach people in a special way, and if everyone just expects smut from me all the time, then when I do write something profound and emotional, no one will appreciate it (just like "Attachment"). So, as of right now, The Steam Collection has a finite limit, and will end as soon as Sunset and Twilight stories are done.

Now, you may be wondering, "why, then, don't you just end it here, instead of unnecessarily prolonging what you think is so hopeless for your career?" Two reasons. One, if this does end at all, it would be best to give my fans and followers one last treat before the ends. You all deserve that much for following me. You deserve much more, but the way it stands, I just can't do it as well as the other, better writers on this site, no matter how badly I want to and strive to. And two: I want to finish the series with the Humane 7. If I stop now, I feel like the series will be incomplete. So, I'll be doing those last two stories for completion's sake, if nothing else.

Again, I'm sorry it had to come to this. But The Steam Collection has been keeping me afloat for too long. I want to strike out on my own and receive praise based on my own merits as a writer, and not just be well-known for the cheap, tawdry, pseudo-sexual nonsense I've been churning out since April. I want fics like "Attachment", "Pride of the Apples" and "Just a Bad Colt" to do better, and I want to improve my ability to reach into people's minds and hearts, and not just into their pants. So, as of now, The Steam Collection will no longer be my only source of followers, and will no longer be a cheap way to get me comments and reviews I don't really deserve.

I'm sorry, everyone. Thanks for understanding. It's been fun, and I thank you all for reading. You've all assured me that I can do it if I put my mind to it. And you've stuck by me even when I was at my worst, and made other people miserable just by being here. I don't give you good followers nearly enough praise for that. You're some of the greatest followers on the site, and I promise, from now on, I'll start writing better, more high-quality stories that truly deserve to be Featured.

Stay quick, stay sharp, and thank you all so very much for reading.

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Comments ( 34 )

Just take your time bro :)

I don't follow you just because of the Steam collection, I follow you because of your other stories as well. I can't be the only one.

You've got genuine talent. That's why I'm following you.

And I'm not surprised that's where the collection's ending. That seemed a logical conclusion.

I don't think you SHOULD end the Steam Collection there. What about OTHER characters, the CMC, Lyra and BonBon, Octavia, Vinyl, etc. Why not give THEM spotlights for a change?

Yeah, the steam collection would probably get old after awhile, so I'm fine with your decision. And even though they didn't get a whole lot of praise, Just a Bad Colt and Attatchment are 2 of my favorite stories on this site. :scootangel: Hope you kep writing some more great ones, dude. :twilightsmile:

do your best dude :3

Hey, I never actually believed that you'd do more than Humane 7, so no disappointment from me. And your reasons are sound, I'd probably feel the same.

I'll formulate my final opinion on the collection later, but I dare say - it is more enjoyable to me than some PWP's I have seen here, and that comes from a person who generally dislikes 2nd person narrations.

My friend, I can understand where you're coming from completely. No matter what happens, I'll always be looking forward to reading your stories. :twilightsmile:

Don't feel bad. Many before me have pointed out how much sex sells. Stimulating the reward pathway of the brain tends to do that. But is it remembered? No. Let's pick a (semi-)random decade, the 1850s. What novels do we know that were written during that time? Well...off the top of m' head, there's The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and A Tale of Two Cities. Now, what smut do we know that survived since those ten years? Nothing comes to mind. Heck, I can't think of any naughty novellas or books from the 19th Century at all. I wager in ten, fifteen years, 50 Shades of Grey will be mostly forgotten and largely ignored, its profit made and pocketed, providing it no further use than a single bullet point on a handful of desperate résumés, those written by the poor sods that helped push that dingleberry out of Hollywood's sphincter.

So you wish to write quality. Go for it, then. Don't forget what you've learned here, though; trying your hand at this can still prove useful. Think of your experience with The Steam Collection as an exercise and learning experience, a lesson in how to craft a touching scene of this nature so that, when appropriate, you can insert a sex scene into a greater story, rather than simply getting sales by giving somebody somewhere his/her jollies.

Keep pushing, keep trying, and you can do it.

your the best.

Okay, it sucks that your first series is closing, but hey, applause for your work and future plans.
Out of curiosity, do you plan on doing anything with the background characters?

3358143 I am tinkering with a Mature sex idea involving Lyra. Pony form Lyra, of course. But I'm thinking I want to try something less dirty; smut is how I made my name, and I don't want to get recognition that way anymore.

My friend you have my support and a tip of my hypothetical hat

Also, I shall eagerly await for a Phantom :D I find it amazing to be honest

So.... After the steam collection is done, you're leaving?

Yet another friend lost......:fluttershyouch:

3358246 No, no way! I'm just going to try writing better kinds of pony fics. Naw, I'm definitely sticking around. :ajsmug:

my life has a new meaning of shug's


One can't argue with your reasoning, and not also admire your commitment to finishing what you start.

I'd say just write what you want, whether you get recognition or not I mean, I haven't been featured once. True, I don't really consider myself a 'writer', rather I "have written" some things.

But, yah gotta do what's right by you, and I respect that.

Here's to seeing great, future works from you, my good man.


You will have my support, no doubt.

Remember we can wait. I do support ur decision and good luck with ur future storys :)

Hey. You put out WELL-WRITTEN cheap tawdry smut.

I'll admit, I first found you through the Steam Collection.
I can't lie there.
But, you are a brilliant author, and, I know what it's like not to be taken seriously.
I've written, and am still writing the Doctor Whooves series, something I'm putting a lot of effort and time into writing. It doesn't even have a set ending, because the possibilities are virtually endless. But, I know most people don't care. It doesn't matter to them what I write, or the fact that Doctor Whooves is even a thing, even though it's getting better every time, and I have a lot of fun writing it. But, it's not popular. Not in anyway shape or form. But, I continue writing it.
Now, I'm not saying you should extend the Steam Collection. If anything, the mane 7 are a good bunch to just do, and writing the others will just seem like a futile attempt to drag it on. Having a set point is good.
And, Attachment was good. It was one that genuinely made you feel for Spike's character, which is good, as I feel like Spike gets the short end of the stick a lot. And, it wasn't a shipfic, which was good.
Smut, and smut-like stories are popular on this website. Why? IDK. We read them. But, just calling it a smutfic doesn't mean it's a good story. It takes genuine writing skills to make a story good. It's like a cartoon. Your animation may be good, but the writing sucks. And, if your writing sucks, the entire thing sucks. Thus far, I've read your stuff, and it's great! and, I've learned a lot. Being a 'freshman writer' I read other fics and novels to understand sentence structure, and how to describe things. Describing is my ultimate weakness. I can create a lot of dialogue, but my descriptions are lacking. Thus, most of my stuff is exposition heavy.
You're a brilliant author, and an overall good guy.
It's good that you're branching out and writing other things.
I hope you know that I will support you in whatever you do, and may the Gods be ever in your favor.
Carry on my friend.
Keep going, and whatever comes, whatever finds you, stand strong, stay fast.
You are a brilliant person, and whatever you decide to write, I will support you.
We all will.

I am secretly a perv too, sadly I'm only seventeen (SO CLOSE) so I can't write mature stories... Not yet anyhow.
But, I still await any story that comes from you.
You are a fantastic writer, and I don't want you to stop doing what you love.
keep on keeping on.

But these stories have reached a point where people who read them, knowing they won't like them, will read them anyway and hate on them, despite my best efforts to improve with each story. That, and I want to be able to write better, more meaningful, and more profound stories that reach people in a special way, and if everyone just expects smut from me all the time, then when I do write something profound and emotional, no one will appreciate it (just like "Attachment").

I feel your pain. If it means anything to you, I feel your pain.

that truly deserve to be Featured.

Every feature your stories get are deserved, mon ami. No stories, I think, are featured that don't deserve to be. If anything, I'd say stories that deserve to be featured go unheard.

3358150 Bravo, LS! Bravo!

In fact, I happen to have moral restrictions that I can't read dirty stuff like that, so the more clean stuff you put on here the more I can love your work! A very honorable decision, and one I want to thank you personally for! :pinkiesmile:

I don't know whether to be sorry, accepting, happy, sad, grateful, or anything.

All I can say is that I support you in your decision. I think that this new direction you are going in is leading you towards writing something that is truly amazing.

I wish you all the best, and I will support you throughout the way.
When I saw you say that you'd been on FimFiction for 1 year now, I was amazingly surprised. You're drowning in views, and followers. But I guess it makes sense now, as another commenter said, sex sells.

As I posted to you in another comment, I would suggest that you write longer, more in depth stories. Perhaps even in the same style as the steam collection, just longer, and more in-depth. It could still be steamy, but with a real emotional connection and realistic character development.
Something I've always told other authors of longer stories is that, at the end, you can look back on the journey the characters wen't on, see just how much they changed, and remiss in all the challenges they faced and overcame.

That's just my spin. Do whatever you want. And I really mean that. Blogs like this aren't even necessary-- the important thing is you enjoy and are involved with what you're doing. Stories like the ones that you're going to be writing need that.
I wish you all the best for this new chapter of your writing career.

3359254 Hahaha, yet you have a seductive Twilight as your icon....


If anything, I'd say stories that deserve to be featured go unheard.

I hate to do this, but I'm pretty sure that line contradicts everything you previously said in that paragraph...

3359310 Seductive? rly? where the heck is it from?

And why don't I know the answer to that question? :facehoof:

3360687 Are you being sarcastic?
That picture there, is the second google result for "Seductive Twilight".

Checkmate. :trollestia:

3362212 Wow. I'm going to have to change it then. I had no idea! :twilightoops:

3362380 Wow, I'm surprised, I thought you would have noticed :rainbowlaugh:

3362398 Naw. I live under a rock. All I know is the canon stuff.

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