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Comic Review Master List · 4:52am Jul 22nd, 2015

About time I got this up.

Below, you will find a compilation of all the reviews I've done for IDW's FiM comics. While I used to review every issue when it came out, I'm now only going to review an issue if I feel like it. Nevertheless, I've gathered all of my incorrect opinions together. And if you want a quick reminder of what issues or arcs I recommend, I've even ripped off a much better Internet reviewer for your pleasure.

Also note that many of these reviews are old, and do not reflect my current opinion of individual issues. (Especially the Rainbow Dash micro. I was in a very forgiving mood when I wrote that review.) Some have gone up in my estimation, and a couple have gone down. The recommendations below are a reflection of how I present feel.

Friendship is Magic

Return of Queen Chrysalis: Recommended
Issue #1
Issue #2 (Never Reviewed)
Issue #3
Issue #4

Nightmare Rarity: Must Read
Issue #5
Issues #6-8

Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair: Must Read
Issue #9
Issue #10

Neigh Anything: Recommended
Issue #11
Issue #12

The Salty Sea Mare: Okay
Issue #13
Issue #14

The Bookworm Arc: Meh
Issue #15
Issue #16

Reflections: Okay
Issue #17
Issues #18-20

Manehatten Mystery: Recommended
Issue #21
Issue #22

Issue #23: Pets to the Rescue: Okay
Issue #24: Discord Who: Okay

The Good, The Bad and the Pony: Pretty Terrible
Issue #25
Issues #26

Root of the Problem: Avoid
Issue #27
Issue #28

Issue #29: Ponymania (Didn't Review): Okay

Ponyville Civil War: Avoid
Issue #30 (Didn't Review)
Issue #31 (Didn't Review)

Attack of the Killer Apples: Recommended
Issue #32 (Didn't Review)
Issue #33 (Didn't Review)

Micro Series

Issue #1: Twilight Sparkle: Okay
Issue #2: Rainbow Dash: Avoid
Issue #3: Rarity: Must Read
Issue #4: Fluttershy: Okay
Issue #5: Pinkie Pie: Must Read
Issue #6: Applejack: Okay
Issue #7: Cutie Mark Crusaders: Recommended
Issue #8: Princess Celestia: Recommended
Issue #9: Spike: Okay
Issue #10: Princess Luna: Must Read

Friends Forever

Issue #1: Applejack and Pinkie Pie: THE WORST
Issue #2: Cutie Mark Crusaders and Discord: Okay
Issue #3: Princess Celestia and Spike: Recommended
Issue #4: Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor: Okay
Issue #5: Fluttershy and Zecora: Avoid
Issue #6: Rainbow Dash and Trixie: Recommended
Issue #7: Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna: Must Read
Issue #8: Applejack and Rarity: Recommended
Issue #9: Granny Smith and the Flim-Flam Brothers (Can't find the review. I swear I did one. Anyway...): Meh
Issue #10: Iron Will and Fluttershy: Okay
Issue #11: Rainbow Dash and Spitfire: Recommended
Issue #12: Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie: Recommended
Issue #13: Rarity and Babs Seed: Recommended
Issue #14: Spike and Princess Luna: Meh
Issue #15: Applejack and Mayor Mare (Didn't review): Must Read
Issue #16: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon (Didn't review): Recommended
Issue #17: Twilight Sparkle and Big McIntosh (Didn't review): Recommended
Issue #18: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy (Didn't review): Okay
Issue #19: Rarity and the Cakes (Didn't review): Okay

Fiendship is Magic
Issue #1: Sombra: Must Read
Issue #2: Tirek (Didn't fully review): Okay
Issue #3: The Sirens: Pretty Terrible
Issue #4: Nightmare Moon: Okay
Issue #5: Queen Chrysalis (Did not review): Recommended

Annuals and Specials

Annual #1: Equestria Girls: Avoid
Annual #2: Power Ponies: Recommended
Equestria Girls Winter Special (Didn't Review): Pretty Terrible

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Comments ( 7 )

Civil War? What, is there an Element Registration Act or something?

Ah, thank you very much for putting these in one place.

I recently realize that probably the best place to find a multitude of opinions on each issue is to just go to the equestria daily post associated with the release of each issue.

I notice that the main comics just keep sliding downward...

Pretty solid list. Though I'd have to say Pinkie and Luna comic was more 'meh' overall, though had one of the nicest friendship lessons between two characters in the FF comics, I think. Plus the art was pretty nice so totally a Recommended at least.

Loved the reviews. I'd not have the patience for many of those issues, let alone make a habit of reviewing a comic series I barely pay attention to anymore. Great job on the reviews and hope you keep at it!

Pony Civil War? Well...if it's bad, I won't buy it, but maybe I'll catch it over on /mlp/ sometime...


That was the only name I could think for it. Basically, Twilight leaves town for five minutes and Ponyville goes to war over who should get a plaque calling them the "First Family in Ponyville:" the Apples or the Riches. Rarity betrays Applejack out of greed, Rainbow Dash sides with the Riches because Applejack treats her like crap, everything ends in a big fight, and Twilight had to save the town with one of the most basic of kid show cliches.

It's bad, is all I'm saying.

I'm still bitter over the RD Micro

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