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Comic Review: Issue #22 · 6:24am Aug 16th, 2014

The SUMMER OF TRIXIE comes to a close as our heroes set out to clear their names and bring Rough Diamond to justice. Will they prevail, or has justice been eluded once again?

After a friendly newscolt recaps the events of the previous issue (thereby meaning that nopony has to read the paper and he will never be able to afford that shiny new bicycle), our heroes mobilize to uncover Rough Diamond's next target. Apple Bloom and Fluttershy hit up the Manehatten Museum of Art to see what jewels she might want, while Rarity, Applejack, Babs and Trixie scout out jewelry stores to get a lead on Diamond's appearance. But it will take more than simply finding out where she's striking to bring this thief down, and with the police still on Trixie's trail, can our intrepid ponies crack the case?

Last time, I mentioned I was concerned about how the pacing for the second part would go. I am happy to say that my fears were unfounded, as the issue moves at a decent pace while paying most of its attention to unraveling Rough Diamond's next plot and bringing her down. The opening moments where everypony searches town in disguise are not only cute, but also provide clues that they ultimately use to uncover the thief's true identity. After that, there's a bit of a heist movie thrown in as the ponies break into the museum to stake the place out, followed by the typical mystery summation when the police inevitably arrive. They even find a way to slip in everypony ballet dancing through laser wires (in this case, it's a web of ropes...okay, it wasn't a smooth way to get the cliché in, but it's better than advancing Equestria's technology again.)

One minor quibble I had was with how the cast was used. The investigation scenes manage to give everypony something to do (Fluttershy and Apple Bloom locate the endangered treasure, Applejack and Rarity pull off a quick good cop/bad coop routine, and Babs and Trixie briefly delve into who could have had the opportunity to take the diamond), but the climax – and indeed, much of the emotional heart of the story – is focused squarely on Trixie and Babs. After a quick recap of Trixie's last two show-canon trips to Ponyville, the two bond over being former antagonists turning over a new leaf. And in the end, Babs seemingly betrays this bonding exercise in order to entrap the true culprit, culminating with the two having a final hug before the closing panel.

The theme of the issue, and indeed the story arc, seems to be that it's hard to prove to others that you've turned over a new leaf. Despite her working with them to catch Diamond, the police are all-too-willing to arrest Trixie once some (admittedly pretty damning) evidence pops up, and lock up the others for the heinous crime of knowing Trixie. Applejack was initially unimpressed by Trixie's act and thought she was involved in the diamond disappearance right off the bat, but was the first to realize that Trixie wasn't guilty. And it's a nice touch to see that just because you've apologized for your wrongdoings doesn't mean you aren't going to suffer some consequences. Babs' side comes off a bit weak, though, since she and the CMC made up pretty easily and we've never heard of her being a bully in Manehatten.

The art is serviceable for the most part, but feels a bit more distracting this issue. There area lot of frontal shots, which never translate well due to the wonky proportions of the ponies, and Apple Bloom's disguise made me groan from the clashing colors. That said, Trixie is still adorable in this style, especially when she changes into her sneaky outfit for sneaking.

The resolution is fine. It does rely on something that only comes up right at the last minute, but still makes sense when you look back at the first issue. The only thing missing is Rough Diamond shouting how she would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling ponies.

Overall, this is now my second-favorite of the two-part story arcs, beating out the teen romance Shining/Cadance one but still falling behind Big Mac's Quest for Nails. It's a fun little mystery that makes good use of its characters and gives Trixie a bit more depth. Here's hoping we'll see more of her and Rough Diamond in the future.

And so, the SUMMER OF TRIXIE has concluded. I hope you've all had fun, but like all good performers, Trixie knows there comes a time when you must take your last bow and leave the stage. Here's hoping for an appearance next season.

Back in the comics, however, the next issue is a one-part story about the pets trying to find their missing owners. Oh well, we can always check out next month's Friends Forever...which is about Granny Smith and the Flim-Flam Brothers.

...We're screwed until October, folks.

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Comments ( 7 )

Ugh, i cant keep up with the comics anymore. The local comic shop NEVER has hardly any issues of it. :raritydespair:

This was actually the first time I'd bought the issue before your review went up for it.

Oh, and I also picked up Ms. Marvel #1 and #2. You're right, Kamala is adorable.

The behind the scenes post by the writer of this arc is pretty interesting. Apparently the scene with Babs and Trixie was specifically the reason it was pitched.


Ugh, i cant keep up with the comics anymore. The local comic shop NEVER has hardly any issues of it.

You mean that it always has issues of it? Then I don't see the problem.

(In all seriousness, this is why I get most of my comics digitally these days.)


This was actually the first time I'd bought the issue before your review went up for it.


No, really, curse my sloth. Stupid thing's too bloody slow. Why did I make that deal with the strange Chinese guy that hangs outside the In-N-Out and will trade you animals in exchange for milkshakes?

Oh, and I also picked up Ms. Marvel #1 and #2. You're right, Kamala is adorable.

Yes, she is. And congratulations on picking up an excellent series. Now get to #3, because that's where the plot starts coming into focus.


I actually read that before writing the review, but it didn't change my mind on a lot of things. Still, I love when writers let you peek into how things were made, and it's interesting to see how and why the story went the way it did.

A double negative in my comment. :pinkiecrazy: I must banish myself to the moon for a thousand years to cleanse me of my shame.

In any-case that's probably a good idea. Buying them digitally I mean.


Why did I make that deal with the strange Chinese guy that hangs outside the In-N-Out and will trade you animals in exchange for milkshakes?

I feel I should know that reference. Gremlins? Last Action Hero?

That was an awesome review. :derpyderp2:

I honestly have nothing to add to this. Kinda wish they had done a Babs Micro or FF before that issue though. It just felt like spoon feeding us that Babs did something bad but for bucks sakes she's good now so we should forget the past actions of miss two-face 180 Babs Seed there. Which, I'm okay with but she still feels incomplete, regardless of this two part comic.

Maybe next time I suppose we'll see more of what Babs may have gone through after S3 or glimpses to how she dealt with those bullies of hers, if she ever managed to that is.

Hmm... guess I did have something to say after all. :P

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