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Comic Review: Micro-Series #3 (Rarity) · 4:52am Apr 28th, 2013

Unfortunately, today’s surprise had to be postponed, so…have a review I was going to do in its place. Yep, it’s finally time we looked at the latest Micro-Series issue, and watch Rarity go crazy dealing with a spa made of lieeeees.

Let’s start with the creative team. This issue features Katie Cook and Andy Price, the same artist and writing combo from the “Return of Queen Chrysalis” arc. As a result, it features the absolute best art of the entire micro-series so far. Cook’s art is a bit exaggerated to be sure, but it works perfectly for ponies, and she’s excellent with the large group shots. Meanwhile, Price’s script is solid as always, although I still think the first issue is the best-written.

The story itself begins with Rarity finishing up a successful fashion show, which is just meant to be a warm-up for a much bigger show in Canterlot. Alas, Rarity cannot help but stress about the big event, and has worn herself down to Twilight levels of near-maddening frustration. So to help her relax, her friends set her up with “Flax & Wheat’s New Age All-Natural Wellness Center,” which much be a fancy spa, right?

Well, it’s actually a farm run by hippies, and their idea of “wellness” is making Rarity do farm chores, such as composting the fields, milking cows, and getting chased by bees. (I would say “Bees. My God,” but that joke has officially been outlawed by the Better Internet Bureau and is subject to immediate death if used. As long as they remember it’s outlawed, that is.) The only thing keeping Rarity from snapping completely are the excellent cosmetic products they keep providing her.

From there, the story turns into a “Save the Youth Center” deal, as the farm has fallen into the hooves of a certain pair of Music Man cosplaying ponies and will be sold to Filthy Rich for a new Barnyard Bargain unless they can raise enough to buy it back. Can Rarity save the day?

There are two things that make this story work. The first, and probably more minor thing, are the hippies. Flax and Wheat are just a hoot, with Flax looking like he did a little too much LDS and Wheat being a perfect combination of every granola girl ever made. The other hippies have their own oddities, from one looking bug-ugly to another being hunky but obsessed with soy and soy accessories. And yet, the hippies aren’t completely generic like many modern depictions. They don’t shun materialism and act like the modern world is true horror (well, Flax does, but he’s made out to be not quite right in the head), but instead are just horrible businessponies and in need of a little guidance on that front. They don’t throw fits over Rarity “ruining their product,” but instead embrace what she’s doing and are happy for the improvements she makes.

And second, there’s Rarity. This story does what many of the episodes fail to do and combines both extremes of her character into a cohesive whole. The first half of the story is clearly “Funny Rarity;” she whines and snivels about everything, acts as hammy as a visual medium can allow, and craves nothing less than a good bath and cleanliness in all things. But then we get to the above-mentioned plot, and with it the return of “Epic Rarity.” For the first time in a while, we’re reminded that yeah, she kind of runs her own business, and thus has the savvy to save the farm. Not only that, but she can pull it all off without offsetting what the hippies love about what they do; let’s just say you’ll be seeing the word “recycled” a lot. There’s even a good mixing of the two for a few gags, especially at the end with the return of Hoity Toity and Photo Finish.

If any of the comics so far could be turned into an episode, this would be the one I hold up above all the others. While some parts would have to be trimmed, it could seriously work as a part of the show. Plus, if you’re interested in fanon references, there’s plenty to be had, from Derpy as a mailmare to Trixie playing a shell game with Cheerilee. And that’s not to mention Filthy Rich (“Always watching…”) and Flim & Flam’s role in the backstory.

Overall, this was a great comic, with great art and great writing all-around…except for the backup. Yeah, there’s another two-page story, this time focusing on window washer Hayseed Turnip Truck and his past with Rarity. Let’s just say that it features Spike at his absolute worst and leave it at that.

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Comments ( 17 )

Read it, loved it and want more. (Both the comic and your review :twilightsmile:)

Wow, that sounds pretty good... I really gotta get around to reading these comics.

Overall, this was a great comic, with great art and great writing all-around…except for the backup. Yeah, there’s another two-page story, this time focusing on window washer Hayseed Turnip Truck and his past with Rarity. Let’s just say that it features Spike at his absolute worst and leave it at that.

Well that doesn't sound good.:twilightoops:

I should read this comic.

Insert scene from waynes world about killing a man over a woman here.

This may be my favorite pony comic yet, it was simply fantastic in my opinion.

1039451 Yes, you really should.

I think this is my favorite comic out of all the comics so far.

Aside from reaffirming my opinion that Rarity is Best Pony, it also provides a very balanced view of, well, the hippie mindset, and I love how well the plot twist about where all those fine products are coming from was handled... it's one of those plot twists that make me think, I should have seen that coming a mile away, but I totally didn't. That's pretty much the definition of a good plot twist.

Oh yeah, and the whole ZOMG Mailmare!Derpy = canon!!1! thing, too...

Why do some of us love Rarity so much. Hers sounds like one of my more faves of the three micro stories

with Flax looking like he did a little too much LDS

I think you mean LSD...:twilightsheepish:

This is the first comic I was able to get my hands on (still waiting for Volume 1, dangit!) and it has seriously made my day. It was everything I could hope for with Rarity and all her drama queen oddities.

This comic is packed with references but it doesn't shove them into your face at the expense of the story. This is the kind of thing I love from comics as I can read it over again and catch something that I missed the first time. Check out the cover of the newsletter that AJ is reading at the start!

I'm really looking forward to all the others. The long road to season 4 has been made a little less stressful.

And yeah, Spike is a dick.

I really need to start reading the comics at some point. :ajsleepy:

From what I've seen of them (both the main and micro series) They're pretty damn good.

1039890 Ah I see just a reference I missed, well that's embarrassing. Sorry for calling you out. :twilightsheepish:

This is my favorite micro series comic so far, and Rarity isn't even my favorite pony. That 2 page mini thing wasn't good, I agree there. Also, did you notice the MLP book preview?

1040067 I thought the same thing when I just read it. I was going to point it out myself (since LSD and LDS mean VERY different things.). I personally don't get the joke though.

your review makes me realy want to read the comic. but is it an online thing? or is it an buyable comic?


It's an official comic from IDW. You have to buy it.

If there's not a local shop near you, you can get the book off iTunes or (preferably) comixology.

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