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About today's comic · 4:18am Nov 20th, 2014

This issue was well-drawn and had some funny moments. I also hate it completely, and all because of one single plot point:

Twilight refuses to help.

To clarify, the Mane 6 are in a town that is being harassed by a gang of bulls. The local law enforcement is a single sheriff that gets knocked out in one punch, and it's the same bulls that Applejack and Rarity were able to fend off back in Friends Forever #8. There isn't a repeat of that fight, but I can understand that; Applejack and Rarity had the advantage of being in a moving stagecoach, which gave them extra protection, and they are now in a strange land fighting the bulls head-on. So Applejack asks Twilight, the princess who can use magic real good, to help drive them off.

She refuses. Why? Because she doesn't want to use her magic to harm anyone.


Oh, it's because they're not magical! Yeah, just like those pirates you repeatedly zapped about a dozen issues ago - oh wait, they didn't have magic powers, either! And how about those bats you genetically altered to not like apples? They weren't magic, either, but that didn't stop you!

Wait, maybe you're trying to be princess-like and attempt diplomacy first. That's fine. Shows some real leadership skills to - wait, you're not doing that, either? Even after they burned down a damn barn?

...Okay, comic, show writers, we need a chat. You seem to have this problem with pointing out a problem in your story, and then doing absolutely nothing to rectify it. That isn't how you do things. Pointing out a flaw on your own without actually addressing the flaw makes it many, many times worse. Remember when I blew my top over that mocking last page of the "Reflections" arc, where you laughed at everyone who bought into the promise of alternate universe counterparts besides the Princesses and Sombra playing a role? Same thing, only now it's in the main story.

I'm not going to review this one. I might talk about it if the next issue is any good, but...I'm sorry, I can't take this crap. Now let's finally watch that trailer for Season 5. Surely it can't be...

Time to bring out the old standby...

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Comments ( 11 )

Hmm... there's something missing... OH RIGHT. MLP Main Comic #24! You missed reviewing that.


And I will. In fact, I'll have a review up in the next couple of days to make up for this one.

Cool. Wanna drop hints as to what the next review is about?:rainbowwild:

Well, at least it's happening (Season 5, that is). There was some concern that it wasn't due to the Hub changing hands; obviously that's not the case.

Spring 2015 is an awful long time to wait, but...I think I can do it.

As to the comic issue...meh. If the comic writers have written themselves into a hole because Twilight could solve everything, then it's time to go back to the drawing board, or at least introduce some kind of mitigating factor that prevents her from solving everything other than "because if she did that then there would be no story."


Probably because it would be too hard to make an excuse for Twilight not to appear in the comic, like for example, her being in Canterlot/The crystal empire visiting Celestia/Luna/Candace/her parents.:facehoof:

In any case, it will be a long wait for season 5

Power Creep is a serious issue, and you should talk to your doctor about it. He can prescribe several remedies including, but not limited to:

Plot Convenience
Being Banished to an Alternate Dimension
Introducing You to More Powerful Villains
and drinking plenty of water.

Contact your doctor today. Don't wait until you can curb stomp the opposition in one blow. You can do it. Your doctor can help.

This message paid for and brought to you by the coalition of the Powerful Organization of Wanglers Established Republic (POWER).

If we wish to consider that Twilight has a lot to learn about being a Princess the this shows that she still has a lot to learn about force and diplomacy.

That's another problem I've come to realize about the season 4 finale and the overwhelmingly generic fight, it basically removes the idea of ever using morals as an objection to violence. If they ever tried to make Twilight object to hurting people with magic she'd basically be the new John Cena or the show would have to have a cataclysm like the ending of the first season of Arrow and how Tommy's death was the reason for Oliver to stop killing (which for a while was a massive drag).

...Okay, comic, show writers, we need a chat. You seem to have this problem with pointing out a problem in your story, and then doing absolutely nothing to rectify it. That isn't how you do things. Pointing out a flaw on your own without actually addressing the flaw makes it many, many times worse.

They should watch Mr. Enter's reviews: "Pointing out your problems does not make them go away!"

And it actually gets even worse in the next issue. You'll see what I mean once you read it yourself.

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