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    Currently, reviewing all chapters for mistakes, one at a time. So if you see changes, 'twas me!

    Am getting them ready for self-publishing and could be a while. Getting those spelling errors and try to get the story straight from when I was writing so fast it was a jumble.

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Because...ART! · 10:55pm Mar 10th, 2015

Two things, more wonderful fan art for you folks to enjoy! Made by the abomination we all know and semi-love, Arxsys! Enjoy folks!


More freaking cover art! Legacy..

For some reason this site won't let the image upload so there's the links for ya in green!

And to end all be all for you Rainbow Dash fans, this is a must, you know, I know it.

Because Rainbow Dash!

Report NFire · 610 views · Story: Legacy ·
Comments ( 37 )

whoho! art remixes, the're great:pinkiehappy:

Hummm the other fans have escalated the art arms race... Challenge accepted! Full power to PoserPro! Man the texture mapper and damn the rendering time!

Crap... I don't have a bolo like tank available. While I model one have these to tide you over.

A 24th century Star Fleet security officer: http://i.imgur.com/snngigv.png
A random sci-fi base I whipped up for lolz: http://i.imgur.com/MsSfYwm.jpg

Woo! I'm an unholy abomination :pinkiehappy:

awesome, do one for Athena's avatar next plz

Wow -- Very nice, Meep! :pinkiehappy:

What model Bolos are in the story?

2866245 I took some license with that, currently Athena is a Mark XXXIV Assault Class Bolo. Crusader is a Mark XXXV Planetary Siege Unit.


Shit, those things could destroy cities with an angry glare.

2866260 Oh yes, much yes, such devastation :pinkiehappy:

That is nice!

Comment posted by SuperGiantRobot deleted Mar 11th, 2015

Huh. Wonder how the destructive capability of a Hellbore would compare to the shock cannons from Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199.

2866411 Fairly close. Saw the anime, and read the books. The shock cannon's destructive yield is significantly lower, though. Think of it as a baby hellbore. A more favorable combination would be to call the Bolo hellbore a scaled-down version of the Yamato's Wave Motion Gun.

Really? I find that hard to believe.

2866440 The technologies are about as dissimilar as you can get, but the overall effect is the same. Bolos are typically deployed in an assault group of 24, divided into two teams of 12, further subdivided into 4 fireteams of 3 units apiece. Each Bolo of the MkXXX class possess three 200cm Hellbore cannons as main armament, with a further 14 20cm Hellbores as Infinite Repeaters. keep in mind that the 20cm Hellbore was primary armament on the MKXIV model. Not to mention that the unit masses in at 32,000 TONS. Further keep in mind that Crusader is not a MKXXX. He is a MKXXXV.

Bolo marks are typically delineated by significant advances in either psychotronics technology, or weight of armament. During wartime, the delineation is almost always by armament. Also, keep in mind that the MKXXXV is classed as a Planetary Siege Unit, and possesses 4 210cm Hellbores as primary armament. Meaning that individually, a single Bolo can lay siege to an entire planet. It may take a while, but Bolo's live for a LONG time.

In the anime, the Yamato is shown to possess only one Wave Motion Gun, and in one scene it is shown that at least seven are fired together to destroy a planet. The scale is massively different, but the results (Total planetary annihilation) are the same.

7 are fired to destroy a planet instantly. Theoretically, the Yamato could just pull into a polar orbit and blast targets with the WMG as they went along, assuming they had sufficient time to do so, adjusting the orbit with the Wave Motion Engine or the auxiliaries as necessary. It would probably take a day or two, but they could do it, and faster than one Bolo assuming the Bolo didn't resort to ICBMs.

2866494 I'll give you that one. But Bolos are nothing if not efficient. It would resort to ICBMS.

At which point, one Bolo firing ICBMs with MIRV capability could probably wipe out above ground life on a planet in 90 minutes or less assuming sufficient launch capability.

2866524 Agreed. Both universes showcase jaw-dropping destructive potential.

Although, the Gamilons probably would have the Bolos weeping with envy when it comes to the REALLY big missiles they can launch from their planetary bases. Those damn things were bigger than Yamato 10 times over!

2866532 I know. right? Although for such a big weapon, they are surprisingly easy to destroy. If you have the right equipment. But when you have weapons that routinely hurl bits of starstuff around, you have the right equipment.

Although, in 2199, the Gamilon Imperial Guard used LOTS of them to basically perform Exterminatus on a rebelling world.

2866582 That was tragic...

Wonder how many of those it would take to overwhelm the Hellbores of a Mark XXXV.

2866586 In full fire? Not enough. If we're following typical Bolo design rules, The Bolo in question would have an immense amount of time in HyperHeuristic Mode to calculate the approach vectors and intercept solutions for all incoming projectiles, and then successfully intercept them. A Bolo's main weapons can reach high orbit, it's missile armament significantly further out, and its sensors much further still.

Basically, the only way to sneak up on a fully deployed Bolo is to hide behind the planet that Bolo is currently on. And even that's a tricky proposition, since Bolo's regularly deploy sensor platforms into orbit around the planet's they are deployed to, because that's the only viable way to "sneak up" on a Bolo.

Basically, Bolo's can see really far. And if it can see you, it can kill you.

Like the world's deadliest game of "Peek-a-Boo"

Except that they could just send wave after wave of the mega-missiles, hiding missiles behind more missiles. In other words, taking swarm tactics to their logical extreme, with missiles the size of large mountains.

2866622 That sounds a bit like videogame logic to me... Possible, but taken to an impossible extreme. A massive wave like that would be too densely packed to be effective, plus you have to take fratricide into account. A few key hits within the "swarm" would cause the resulting explosions to destroy neighboring missiles, and so on and so on in a chain reaction, until the entire attacking wave was destroyed. Shockwaves don't propagate too far in space, but fragments do.

Then the remnants from the destruction of the first wave would present an impenetrable wall of high-speed fragments for successive waves to slam into, like an apocalyptic shotgun blast. And the cycle would repeat. Think "Kessler Syndrome" on a systemwide scale...

End result? Bolo Wins.

Alternatively, one missile, moving at relativistic velocities. High c-fractional velocities are scary, and if it did manage to shoot down the missile, it's still got to worry about the shrapnel from it, which is still moving at significant (0.7c or more) fractions of the speed of light. That's going to wreck the day of ANYTHING in it's way, I don't care how much armor it has.

2866650 True. But then you have the planet's atmosphere in the way... Plus the fact that we're assuming the Bolo in question doesn't need to protect anything on the surface, so it can just retreat beyond the curvature of the planet, or into deep water, using the planet itself as a shield.

Although, I do wonder if the Melconians deployed relativistic weapons during the Final War. If they did, it wouldn't be surprising for those weapons, when available, to be what was used against Bolos. And to counter your argument about the atmosphere, anything strong enough to survive passing through interstellar debris at 0.7c or more would punch through the atmosphere like a giant bullet. Especially if it was designed to be aerodynamic.


I think what should worry you is that not only is something as powerful as a Mark XXXV is needed, they're not enough to do the job.

2866673 Agreed, but the friction generated would be monstrous. And easy to dodge. (Ever seen what happens when an armor-piercing bullet is fired into a swimming pool?) Because of that, from a resource standpoint, relativistic weapons are impractical for precision work over long range (as an area weapon for sheer devastation... that's a different story). Something that can be steered, that's a bit more plausible.

During the Final War, the Melconians resorted more to nuclear bombardment, bio-weapons, and asteroid drops. The intent was not targeted destruction, but total annihilation. And Bolos were usually either pulled out, or served as a final defense for evacuating civillians in those cases. They weren't trying to survive past a certain point.

2866685 Got that right...


And the Melconians had the numbers to keep tossing ships, mechs and troops at you more or less indiscriminately. It's not so much a question of defeating, them so much as defeating enough of them that you're too much trouble to deal with.


2866705 That was pretty much the entire attitude during the height of the Final War. Both sides spent time, money, resources, and lives in an effort to overwhelm the other. But in the end, they both lost.

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