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The Bridge: Time and Isolation, part 2 · 9:04pm Dec 20th, 2014

Part 1 Here!

Day 2,532
It's so dark in here, yet I can see so clearly. I have been locked away for so long, yet no help has come. The nightmares and visions are growing worse, as if someone keeps trying to force their way into my head. There was a city on fire, something standing amongst the flames. I cannot recall anymore details.

My name is Praetorian Guard 094. I was born some time ago to an engineer and guardswoman, maybe. I am in union with someone. 011, someone with 011 in their name. Where is she? Where is everyone?! Why am I alone in here? I did s-s-omething to myself... No... I agreed for them to do something to me, yes.... Wh-what was it again?...

Day 3,234
Help has to be coming soon. Someone was coming to help me. They might be here the next minute, the next hour, the next week. B-ut they are coming to get me out of here. I can sense them, someone will let me out of this prison... eventually...

M-My name is Praetorian Guard 094. I had a family at some point, y-yes I think I was married. Something happened and... Why can't I remember!? 011, where is 011?!

Day 30,567
Holding on to memory is like holding sand grains in loose fingers. Hoping someone gets me out soon. I haven't seen anyone in over eight decades... What is taking so long?

My name is Praetorian Guard 094. My name is Praetorian Guard 094. My name is Praetorian Guard 094. My name is Praetorian Guard 0944. My name is Praetorian Guard 094#. My name is Praetorian Guard 09*. My name is Praetorian Guard 0#$. My name is Praetorian Guard-

Day 40,150
Nightmares refuse to cease, but by now I debate if I want them too not. It's the only time I see anything beyond this prison's rocky walls. It's been over 110 solar orbits....

011, that number is important for some reason. Did something happen on a day with 11 in it? It is my favorite number I suppose, but why? I must hold onto it, it must be important... I cannot... let.... it... g-go................. M-m-my name is Praetorian, um! There is a second word, what was it?......

Day 55,346
I lost my favorite number today... My mind is as blank as new parchment, and clear as mud....

My name is....... I-I had a name right? Everyone has names, I must have had one. Everyone must have one so others can call upon them. I've been in here so long, no one to see or speak with. There must be others out there though, I know it... Have I gone mad, or have I really been forsaken?

Day 66,895
Can't sleep or meditate... so many nightmares. Burning cities, people screaming, tall shadows with three heads.... How long ago was it all? What's happened to me?.... Who did this to me? How l-long have I been like this? Was I always like this? Where am I? What in the world am I!?....

Day 72,253
Released at last... My liberators call themselves my masters. They are so tiny, so fragile. I mean them no harm, yet they fear me. I do not understand why this is so. I wonder as to the reason I was locked away so long? I feel a small kinship to them, but cannot imagine why. They are so small compared to me.

My new leader is a man named Controller 074, he seemed less afraid than most as he stood before me.

Day 73,000
I am a soldier, the will of my masters. My duty is to serve and protect the ruling house, currently under Controller 074. I live to follow their order without question. I kill when told, I destroy when told, I lock myself away when told. I have no number nor any name, there is no need for such. Thus the mathematical placeholder was given to me.

It feels so freeing to be out in the world, seeing more than the rocky, dark stillness of my prison, my home. Even if I was only allowed out for brief periods before returning to my hollow. Everything out there, the people, the cities, the sky; it all seems so familiar and so alien at the same time. I hope I am let out again soon...

Finale here...

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Comments ( 4 )

I think I'm picking up what you're putting down, but I don't wanna give anything away for those who aren't. very interesting concept, it reminds me of someone else's concept for this character's bio.

Dang. That was both intriguing and kinda depressing at the same time. Love the slow descent he suffers as time goes on.


Part 3 coming soon~

Is this...Monster X? He has had a few jolting flashbacks, IIRC...

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